3 ways to profit by cell phone

3 ways to profit by cell phone

3 ways to profit by cell phone

Today, many earn income using their cell phone and an internet connection. New ways to earn extra income are increasingly diverse and sought after. In this article, we explain 3 ways to profit by cell phone.

The pandemic, the crisis and the enormous technological evolution today offer opportunities to everyone equally and without major investments, whatever their age, race or school level.

Of the various ways to earn on the internet, we have selected the ones that are most in demand worldwide today.

3 ways to profit by cell phone
3 ways to profit by cell phone

Trading Platforms

It has been experiencing great expansion in the last 10 years, with the emergence of applications, simple and fast, that run well on any cell phone, but at the same time safe.

New instruments were emerging, allowing any user, even without experience or knowledge about financial markets, to quickly learn and understand the concepts of how these trading platforms work.

Another advantage was the appearance of companies that offer their platforms through a simple and fast registration without bureaucracy, and where they allow small deposits from R$20 and negotiations of R$2, which allowed many people to start with small amounts, something that a few years ago it would not have been possible.

One of the platforms that offers this type of solution, together with a training account, to be able to trade without risk, and test without worry, is Exnova.

This platform, exclusive for Brazil, has the advantage of offering support in Portuguese and the most common deposit and withdrawal methods in Brazil.

One of the most sought after products on this platform is betting on financial assets, which unlike other markets such as the stock exchange, in these “bets” we do not buy assets in, for example, Google or Apple shares, but place a bet on the price.

The bet itself, like all bets, has 2 possibilities:

a) Price rise

b) price drop

Unlike other investment instruments, this one is simpler to understand, which also explains its success.

In addition to our choice of whether the price goes up or down, we also choose how long our bet lasts. And this choice can be as little as 1 minute or 1 hour, or as long as 1 month.

The more impatient prefer to place bets that last 1 or 2 minutes, as they know the result quickly and can place several in a short time.

It remains to say that in case of a winning bet, the profit varies between 70% to 85% on average.

In the button below you will be able to know the platform and the company.

If you wish, you can register a free account using the form below.

Some of the advantages of this format are that you don’t need anyone else to earn income, but your work and knowledge, since the platform works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you choose when you want to trade, being your profit, all yours.

Affiliate systems

The advantage of promoting websites or affiliate programs is that the products or services already exist and are managed by the companies offering the services you promote.

Your only work is to use your social networks or create a website or blog to promote the links of these companies.

In addition, this area is so big that there are affiliate programs for all niche markets, so it will be easy for you to find an area that you dominate and promote companies in this same area.

Of course, if you create diversified and quality content on the topics you are going to promote, you will have more to gain, especially if you have your own website or blog.

As an example, imagine that you like to travel and that you have a lot of photos of the places you visit and that you post your photos and have a lot of followers.

Or that he even has a blog where he talks about his travels or a YouTube channel where he publishes videos of his experiences during his travels.

This would qualify you as someone with the potential to have affiliate links from travel-related businesses.

And there are platforms that, when you register with them, you have access to a wide range of companies that work with airlines, accommodation reservations, car rentals, event tickets, etc.

One of the most well-known platforms that works with large companies linked to travel is Travelpayouts.

Registration is free and work with them is simple.

Sell Digital Products

The creation of digital info products is something very recent and that has developed a lot in recent years.

In this type of solution, the creator must have solid knowledge about the subject to be developed.

You have the advantage that you only have the initial work to develop your product and then sell it through your social networks, Youtube or website, or resort to platforms such as Hotmart to sell it.

The downside is that you will only have good sales if you can really build a product that is attractive to potential buyers.

To do so, you must combine two conditions: the quality of the product you want to sell at a good price.

3 ways to profit on mobile: Conclusion

These are the 3 ways to make money using your cell phone in Brazil, working from home and using the internet.

There are several other solutions that you can find in a much longer and more complete article at this link: earn money online.

Profit on Mobile

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