Affiliate Subscriptions

Affiliate Subscriptions

Click of the Subscribe Buton below

Please check if the field User ID has your email used on our registration form. If not please write the email you use on the signals registration.

Please check if the Language field has EN (if not please write on the language field EN).

Then click on Subscribe to activate the Signals (you will be redirected to Paypal to proceed, even if you use Credit Card and not Paypal, use the button).


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Subscription Rules:

1 - The service is totally free for 1 month for affiliates. You will receive the signals by email and in the App (Android). You can use them in your Demo or Real Account.

2 - After the FREE Trial, if you want to continue receiving the signals, you will have to pay 19,99 USD per month.

3 - If you want to cancel, just end your Paypal subscription. You do not have to do anything else.

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