Binary Options Signals

Binary Options Signals is a tool to help traders to improve results. Find all about them, and how they work, and check the Top 3 Systems.

What are Binary Options Signals?

One of the simplest ways to make money in the Binary Options market is through the use of Binary Options Signals from companies that develop professional trading systems specifically designed for this market.

Signals can be sent via email, SMS, or various applications, and usually, each signal contains all the information needed to place an operation.

With the data you receive, you enter your account and place the operation on your platform, respecting the values that came in the signal (active, direction, and expiration time).

Binary Options Signals
Binary Options Signals in your phone

How do they Work?

It is very simple. Just open an account and then receive the signals that indicate the asset and the type of order you should place. Nowadays there are both Binary Options and FOREX signals.

There are both free and paid signals. As a rule of thumb, the paid ones should be better, although this is not always like that.

Usually, the payment is a monthly fee, which is not high considering the earning potential.

In certain cases, they still guarantee profits or money back.

There are two types of companies. Those that send signals from the work of a team of traders. And the ones that have developed mathematical algorithms that do the work that would normally be done by a trader.

In both cases, there are advantages and disadvantages.

In the end, what matters are the results and which ones get the best performance.

As there are a lot of Binary Options Signal systems and many of them do without interesting practical results, I decided to do a search and a study of some of those that exist.

Below I compare the way they work, as well as the rankings they have.

I made a comparison with some Binary Options Signal providers.

They are the ones with the best reputation in the market and with the best results.

There are some differences between the various Binary Options Signs explained below.

Differences in the operation and advantages they offer to their clients.

Binary Options Signals and Robots

Although both systems are automatic and free the trader from a lot of work, in the case of Binary Options signals it is the client who places the trade on his account, on his platform.

Binary Options Robots, on the other hand, is the system that does everything, that looks for the entry and places it.

From the work point of view, the Robot is better, because it does everything, but on the other hand, on bad days, it starts to lose and only stops when the account is at zero, while with the Binary Options signals, the person manages the day and on bad days, it doesn’t place operations if it sees that it is a bad day.

The signals of Binary Options, are therefore safer.

On the other side, it is important to know that there are many platforms and brokers that do not allow the use of Robots but allows the use of signals.

There are several reasons for this.

One of the main reasons has to do with the regulation that forces only the owner of the account to be able to trade on it, on the vision that a Robot is an external service.

Another reason is just not to allow any kind of software that can interfere with the normal functioning of the platform.

One of the main platforms in the market that does not allow the use of Robots is the IQ Option.

This company has its own platform that is considered by many as the best in the market.

It is also the company that has more customers in the world.

As you can read in the rules of IQ Option, it states in number 27, points 12 and 14 that the use of Binary Option Robots results in the termination of the contract.

There are several cases in that people get the account and the money blocked.

They only do the verification at the moment the client withdraws the money, so if you know people who used robots at IQ Option and had no problems, it’s because they probably didn’t have profits, so they didn’t make withdrawals, so they didn’t find out.

On the other hand, they allow the use of Signals, because you enter your IQ Option account and put the operation yourself.

So you’re not going against their rules.


Which are the Best Binary Options Signals?

Below we selected some of the systems that were tested and that gave us better results.

There are more companies, but from the tests that were made it didn’t work, there were even some companies that rarely sent Signals or arrived too late, being impossible to get them in time.

1 – Telegram Signals – They are signals, which are sent by Telegram Channel.

They work for an expiration time of 5 minutes.

Binary Options Signals via Telegram can be used in all brokers that have a 5 minute expiration time, but ideally, work best in those that use the 5 minute candle to finish the operation and not those that use a fixed 5 minute time.

Although what is explained above may seem like a small meaningless or unimportant detail, the truth is that it is very important to obtain positive results.

Of the 3 systems you can find on this list, this is the only one that is always FREE.

Read more about how Telegram Signals work.

forex signals on telegram

One of the most used ways these days to send Binary Options Signals is via Telegram Channels. Clicking on the image, you can find a link to one of the Channels that offer Signals. The signals are free.

Remember that you should analyze the signals received before placing them and that the responsibility for using the signals is yours, so you should always use the signals wisely.

2 – BOTS 

This service operates as a community room in which you will see charts and often hear members who wish to do presentations on strategies they have found for the benefit of the group.

The aim of the service is to try and help educate the members on different ideas and discuss strategies our members find as well as risk management principles to try and help keep you from making mistakes that many traders make.

They offer a FREE Trial every Monday from 9:30 AM EST to 11:30 AM EST.

You need to sign up to their page to gain access by entering your e-mail. Check their website link below.

Their fees are $97 biweekly (meaning every 2 weeks) and are automatically rebilled until you decide to cancel.

Visit the BOTS website

3 – 1000pipbuilder – 

This system consists of Signals sent by a trader called Bob.

Bob is based in London, UK, and trades the Asian, US, and European sessions. There are normally trading signals throughout the 24-hour period. So, whatever time zone you are in, there should be signals for you to follow.

Many members are only able to follow for part of the day and still receive plenty of Forex trading signals.

He worked for one of the leading financial services institutions in London and has over 12 years of experience as a skilled Forex trader and mentor.

Signals are sent by email, Telegram, and SMS

The service costs 97 USD monthly but they offer discounts on annual subscriptions.

Visit the 1000pipbuilder website.

Before using any Binary Options Signals system, please note that you should always test on a demo account.

You should also analyze the sign before placing it to be more sure that it is a winning signal.

In this video, you are given 4 very useful and easy to put into practice tips to analyze the signals in a few seconds and thus clearly improve your hit rate.

Final thoughts

My opinion is that it’s worth experimenting with some systems because if you can get the results they advertise, it can be highly rewarding.

Some of the systems are 100% free, others have a deadline to test.

Between trading without knowledge and losing the money and paying for a service and getting good profits, no doubt the second option is the best.

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Do Binary Options Signals work?

Some do work, but others no. In any case, you should always confirm the signals before using them. In this post, you can find several different services. One is always free and the others you can test for free.

What is the best Signals system?

It depends on the trading style you search, at what hours you trade, and of course your platform and assets. But if you do your own analysis before placing the Signal (there is a tutorial video explaining this on this page) you will probably even beat the Signals accuracy.

How to improve the Winning rate of a Signal?

There are 2 things: the first one is to make a quick analysis of the Signal before deciding to place it or not and also to learn how to trade. For this, you can find on this site a complete online video training that is absolutely free.

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