Robots are software programs that trade directly on the broker’s platforms, replacing manual trading and human work.
Today, more than 60% of all world trading is made by Trading Robots.
Even there are hundreds of different Robots to Binary Options or to Forex, most do not work, making clients lose money and break account.
In this blog, you will find only the best Robots to both markets, Binary Options, and Forex, and some of them we will give you free access to test or use it.
You can find What is a Robot.
You check some of the best Robots to Forex.
And the Robots to IQ Option.

spot grid trading from binance

Spot Grid Trading from Binance

Spot grid trading from Binance is a trading strategy that involves creating a grid of buy and sell orders around the current price of an asset. The objective is to profit from the asset’s price movements, buying more when the price falls and selling when the price rises. How does Binance spot grid trading work? …

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best forex robots

Best Forex Robots

Since Forex had a tremendous evolution over the last 10 years,  and with this market also the trading software, known as Forex Robots or Expert Advisors, I have decided to draw up a list of the best Forex robots I have and use. The Best Forex Robots in 2022: On the contrary to the Binary …

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binrobot lady

BinRobot Lady

BinRobot Lady is another Binary Options robot that uses a well-known robot platform that supplies software for several other robots in the market, such as OptionRobot. We will explain it as we use a real account. BinRobot Lady – Who said that women take all our money? The first question that you may ask is: …

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optionrobot trade


OptionRobot is another robot for binary options with some interesting points. One of them is that it can be tested. Yes, you can have a demo account for however long you want in order to test the various parameters to find the best setup. Keep on reading to know all the details! OptionRobot, the robot …

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Binary Options Robot is a trading tool that trades 100% automatically in your account. Is that safe? Is that profitable? Learn here. BinaryOptionRobot Although it has the same name as another robot, the Binary Option Robot that has been reviewed on this blog, the BinaryOptionRobot is a totally different robot from the other one. But in …

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Binary Options Robots

Binary Options Robots

If you don’t have the time, nor the will to learn how to manually trade, Binary Options Robots can be a good help to traders to make profits. You will understand here what are they and how do they work. And where you can get Free Bots. What are binary options Robots? Normally a trader …

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BitcoinsFormula Robot

BitcoinsFormula is a new Robot in the Binary Options market, but it also works with and trades in cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Nowadays everything that concerns Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies in general always causes some curiosity motivated by the exponential growth that these types of assets have had in recent times. It …

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make money robot

Make Money Robot

[ezcol_1half][wp-review][/ezcol_1half] The Make Money Robot is an automatic robot. This robot works with free licenses. According to Make Money Robot the licenses are limited. According to their explanation, the licenses are limited because they’re expanding the servers as needed with the registration of new users. This binary options trading software received an update in 2015 …

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RobotFX Trade

RobotFX Trade

[ezcol_1half][wp-review][/ezcol_1half] RobotFX Trade – The 2 in 1 system This software has one difference from all the systems already reviewed on the blog. While the previous robots were developed for binary options only, RobotFX Trade works in Forex, or binary options. In fact this system was developed in Forex, since it uses a platform used …

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payday by banc de binary

PayDay by Banc de Binary

[ezcol_1half][wp-review][/ezcol_1half] PayDay – The Automatic System that Replaced Prime Analyst PayDay was developed by the broker Banc de Binary in order to replace Prime Analyst. It is an algorithm that analyzes the assets in the financial markets through mathematical algorithms and technical indicators. When the robot finds a forming trend, it gives a signal of Put …

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binary option robot

Binary Option Robot

[ezcol_1half][wp-review][/ezcol_1half] I write this article about the Binary Option Robot for three different reasons. The first is because several people have requested more information about this Robot that I mentioned in passing in another article. Second, because it is a Robot that does not belong to a particular broker, but was developed by a team …

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Prime Analyst

Prime Analyst

[ezcol_1half][wp-review][/ezcol_1half] Prime Analyst – A New Automatic System The Prime Analyst robot has been disabled. It has been replaced by another robot called PayDay. The Prime Analyst robot had been having poor results lately and therefore Banc de Binary has decided to end it. Prime Analyst was developed by the broker Banc de Binary. It …

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