Binary Options Robots – 2018

Binary Options Robots – 2018

What are binary options Robots and how can they be useful?

Normally a trader learns to trade, then spends some time in front of the computer placing trades. But, what if you don’t understand it, and don’t want to understand it? And what if you don’t have time to trade? Do you have to stay away from binary options? The answer is no, you don’t. The solution is to use binary options Robots, or use a signal service, which is explained in another article.

Binary options Robots are programs that place trades for you in your account with a broker.

When you use a Robot, you choose the assets that it will trade, the values to invest in every trade and let it run normally.

Advantages of using binary options Robots:

> Freedom – You don’t have to be in front of the computer placing trades. You don’t have to spend time learning.

> Emotion – There is no emotion, which often makes us lose money and objectivity. The fear of losing money causes a trader to make completely wrong decisions when placing trades.

> Analysis capabilities – A Robot is ready to make thousands of analysis and calculations at the same time. It can read multiple charts at the same time, and find an entry point faster.

> Fast decision making – Due to their ability to make multiple calculations at the same time, they can decide more quickly when and at what price to trade.

However, we must take some precautions with binary options Robots. There are many that claim to offer high returns, but in reality cannot. Imagine trusting a system that during the night places a number of trades with losses and wipes out your account balance. Care should be taken when using an automatic system. Especially if it is offered by an unknown company or one that doesn’t work with trustworthy brokers.

My advice is to try it for a while. Always with low value trades. And put the program to work with you in control. At least during the early stages until you trust the results.

If you take these precautions, it seems to me that it is something you can try, even if you are a trader with some knowledge and experience, because we may find that the automatic system achieves better results than us.


If you want to try some Binary Options Robots, here are some possibilities:

OptionRobot is without doubt one of the most well known and recognized. You can read the full Article about Option Robot here. You must have an account with one of the Brokers that work with this Robot and its use is free of charge.

I Want to Test the ROBOT


BinLadyRobot is one of the new Robots that is becoming to get a lot of attention. You can read the full Article about BinLady Robot here. You must have an account with one of the Brokers that work with this Robot and its use is free of charge.



Binary Options Robots - 2018 1

Another Robot, which has been very successful, is the Binary Option Robot. In this case the Robot belongs to a company and not a broker. They offer a VIP account that allows to chose the trader and to set the risk. I recommend to get the VIP Account. The registration on the banner below offers a 3 months Vip Account. To learn more about this Robot and see a video, click the banner below. Read the Binary Option Robot Review.



With Empire Option there are two different Robots. To use them you only need to open an account with Empire Option. Read the full Article about Make Money Robot. Read the full article about RobotFX Trade.

Binary Options Robots - 2018 2


Binary Options Robots - 2018 3


If you’ve tried some binary options Robots and obtained interesting results don’t hesitate to comment below, or send me message.

If you decide to try a Robot, before depositing ask me by email or Skype (see contacts) about the special conditions and promotions I offer.

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