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I do not have Paypal, how can I subscribe?

There are 3 ways:

1 – Open a PayPal account. It is very simple, safe and free. Paypal is the world leader in electronic payments, available in more than 200 countries and with a highly secure SSL encryption that protects your personal data.

2 – Use your credit card in the Paypal, even without having any Paypal account.

3 – Be our affiliate * in IQ Option or one of the brokers that use our signals. See Brokers HERE.
To know more talk to us through the chat or our contacts.


1 – Free help and support that is faster and more efficient than the actual broker

2 – Bonus strategies

3 – Cheaper or free courses (coming soon)

4 – Binary Options Signals (cheaper or free)

5 – Free Classic Options signals

6 – Other exclusive promotions and tips

7 – It is free to be affiliated with us, the account is the same as the others and the profits are the same. For you, at the broker, there is no difference if your account is affiliated with our blog or not.

IMPORTANT NOTE: 90% of the existing accounts at any Broker are affiliated with the trader even knowing. Most of the sites that have affiliates have no contact with the traders affiliated with them. They use pages that are like the broker’s page so that the pages do not appear to be affiliated pages. This way they receive commissions from the broker without any additional work and without having to give their affiliates anything in return. We work with our affiliated traders and give something in exchange. Become one of our affiliates and stop giving money to people who do nothing for you!

Subscription Rules:

1 – The service is totally free for 1 week for everyone. You will receive the signals by email. You can use them in your Demo or Real Account.

2 – After the 1 week, if you want to continue receiving the signals, you will have to pay the values corresponding to your case (affiliated or not affiliated). If you want to cancel, just end your Paypal subscription. You do not have to do anything else.

3 – We offer several promotions that can offer FREE Forex Signals up to 12 months.


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