Gabriel Wagner

Gabriel Wagner

Gabriel Wagner

Gabriel Wagner is a Financial and Economic Analyst who works with the Binary Options Blog as well as other websites and blogs.

Up until now, he has written over 200 analytical articles on technical and fundamental analysis, financial company valuations on this and other sites.

He has also developed several trading strategies and programs for markets such as Binary Options, Forex and Cryptocurrencies. His motto is to help everyone understand how financial markets work.

Gabriel Wagner
Gabriel Wagner

Born in Brazil, but a true citizen of the world, he has lived in Europe and the USA.

Besides having his face buried in the charts daily, he loves sports cars and loves his dogs.

Gabriel Wagner’s Social Networks
Twitter: @Gabriel35704770

And whenever he can he travels, because the internet allows him to live and be anywhere in the world and to work. All he needs is his two travel companions, his notebook and his cell phone.
That is why freedom and health are the two things he cherishes most.
With that and a little bit of work and everything can be done.

Some of the sites where he also collaborates:



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