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Binary Options is a financial instrument that mixes various markets into one. It offers simplicity in the negotiations and potentially high profits.
A Binary Option is a bet on the price of an asset. It bets if its price will go Up or Down using an expiration time that we choose (from 1 minute to 1 month).
The category Binary Options includes many articles related to the market, such as reviews, strategies, training, signals, etc.
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banc de binary

Banc De Binary

[ezcol_1half][wp-review][/ezcol_1half] Banc De Binary Analysis Banc De Binary is one of the oldest and most credible brokers in the binary options market, and thus is one of the leaders on the worldwide market. All major websites and blogs that monitor brokers place this broker at the top of the best binary options brokers. Banc de …

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Market Regulation

Market Regulation

Market Regulation – Why Regulate? Binary Options, as we know them today, are a recent financial instrument dating back to 2008. However Market Regulation of Binary Options only appeared in 2012 by the Cypriot Regulator CySEC. Today, this organism is probably the most respected regulator of Binary Options Brokers. Besides Binary Options, CySEC also regulates …

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Risk Management

Risk Management

What is risk management? It is necessary to understand that risk is associated with everything in our life (accidents, illnesses, etc.). Investments in general, and Binary Options in particular, also have an associated risk. The value of this risk can be measured, and normally the bigger the risk the bigger the potential profit. Using a …

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binary options Trading classes

Binary Options Trading Classes

As I explained in the article on Binary Options Training, learning is fundamental to achieving positive results in binary options trading. In order to help everyone who wants to try out this instrument, I developed Binary Options Trading Classes. 95% of my students have already lost at least one real account trading binary options before contacting …

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