CoinTech2u is a cryptocurrency trading robot or bot. This software fully automatically trades the futures market on the user’s Exchange account. The money never leaves our account or our control. Operating since August 2022, it has an impressive track record of results. Let’s get to know this project better?

CoinTech2u emerged in 2022 and the company that developed the software is based in Malaysia.

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The growth in the number of users using this software has been exponential, especially since users began to appear on the internet consistently showing profits on their accounts.

With the official launch taking place in October 2022, it was mainly from the beginning of 2023 that the company’s growth soared, as the accounts with accumulated returns in 3 months, and especially the percentage of trades in profit (almost always at 100%) began to attract many people interested in trying it out.

In the image below we can see one of the images that demonstrates impressive results in 3 months.

100% profit

124% accumulated growth in the 3 months, that is, this account more than doubled in 3 months.

real account with 90 days
a real account with 90 days

However, do not think that the account makes 40% per month. According to several reports from users who already use the software, there are months when the account does almost nothing, and others when it can do more than 50%.

According to information from users who have been using the software for a longer time, the monthly average is around 20%.

CoinTech2u: What is the reason for success?

The success and growth of the user network using CoinTech2u software are based on 4 main factors:

1 – Profits – First, your results. After having contacted several users who have been using the software since the moment it went on sale in October 2022, all of them confirmed that during all these months they had only had negative results for one month.

The month that there were negative results was November 2022, and the reason is simple to understand. That’s when the well-known US broker FTX went bankrupt. FTX was one of the largest exchanges, having failed for reasons believed to be mismanagement and misuse of customer funds.

At the time of FTX’s bankruptcy, the market collapsed, having fallen between 40% and 60% in a few days, so the loss of around 20% that the robot had, turns out to be perfectly normal.

Apart from this situation, let’s be honest, it doesn’t happen every day, every other month the CoinTech2u software offered its users profits.

2 – Price – Obviously, any product and its success are also dependent on its price. In this case, it is more of an advantage, as the CoinTech2u robot is free.

Free? But then how does the company make money?

Simple, the company that owns it, charges a percentage of profits. That is, if you win, she also wins, if you don’t win, she doesn’t win either.

The company charges 20% of the profits the robot makes in your account.

This is an advantage, as you don’t have to pay for something that you don’t know if it works. And on the other hand, it’s fair that she only makes a profit if you make a profit too, right?

3 – Referral System – This is another of the main reasons that explain the success of CoinTech2u. Because it offers a very interesting remuneration for nominees.

Its operation is very simple. Of the 20% they charge on the profits the CoinTech2u robot generates daily, they pass up to 70% to the referral network.

It is easy to be referred, since when you create an account in the Robot application, you will immediately have access to a link that you can send to your contacts, and anyone who later registers using your link will automatically be entitled to receive part of the profits that the bot makes on the accounts of your contacts, forever.

We are talking about a passive income, without work, without risks and that with time, will probably increase because it is normal for people to leave the profits for the account to grow and thus earn more each month, and thus you also earn more and more.

It should be noted that there are several levels, the lowest of which we receive 15% on the 20% that the company charges, reaching up to 65% on our direct referrals and another 5% on the entire network (our referrals who also indicated other people)

Let’s do a simple example: You referred 5 people. And each one put 1000$.

5 Accounts x 1000$ = 5000$
Let’s imagine that the 5000$ made in a month 25% of profit = 1250$ of total profit
The company charges 20% on the $1250 = $250
On the company’s profit (250$) you will receive this month 50$
And every month the profits will be calculated and you will receive your share.

Of course, you might not want to refer, but why wouldn’t you want to talk to your family and friends if the CoinTech2u robot results are good on your account?

Now think of the thousands of contacts you probably have between friends, email, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

CoinTech2u profits from the network
CoinTech2u profits from the network

4 – Security – When I talk about security here, I am not saying that you will never lose, this is impossible to predict in investments. And all investments have risks, and this one of course is no different.

The security I’m talking about here is based on 2 factors:

a) Our money is always in our account, we do not pass it on to anyone (as sometimes happens with so many pyramid schemes that have appeared in recent years, where they promised high earnings, but we had to send the money to these companies and then they disappeared.
Here, our money is in our account and the software is only allowed to place trades, open and close orders, that’s all. The connection between our account and the software is done through an API that the broker/exchange issues and that we enable to be able to only trade.

b) The exchanges with which the CoinTech2u robot currently works are only two, one of which is the largest Cryptocurrency Exchange in the world, Binance.

How does CoinTech2u work?

If you have never used trading software before, know that it is very common, especially in other markets such as Forex, Stock Exchange, Options, and other derivatives.

In fact, today, most (if not all) banks, funds, and other financial companies use these same automated trading systems to perform most of the day-to-day trading tasks for their portfolios.

The advantages are speed, analysis capacity, 24 hours a day, and the impossibility of making a mistake (as with us humans).

The operation of this bot is simple, it connects to the user’s account through an API that only has trading permissions, this means that the API cannot withdraw money from our account, but only open and close trading positions in the currency market. futures which are where the CoinTech2u robot trades.

It will open buy and sell positions, hedging the assets you select (there is a spreadsheet that advises which assets and how to do it).

The API will then connect your account on one of the exchanges enabled to work with the robot and the robot application.

One important thing is how we make payments to the company that supplies the robot.

As I said earlier, the API does not allow the robot to withdraw money from your account, for this reason, the way in which 20% of our profits is paid to the company is directly in the robot application. For this, we have to transfer the balance in USDT (TRON network) from our Exchange account to the application, so that they can charge the percentage they charge.

CoinTech2u futures trading AI system
CoinTech2u futures trading AI system

Registration and steps to use CoinTech2u:

Registration in the application and the steps to configure our Exchange account, make the API, and configure the robot to work takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

We only have to follow these steps once, then the robot will work 24 hours a day, every day, without having to do anything else, except reload the application every time it runs out of balance to be able to charge the 20% that the company charges on profits.

4 steps to use CoinTech2u:

See the steps and follow the explanatory videos below that explain in a simple and quick way all the steps to configure and leave the robot ready to trade.

1 – Have an account on one of the Exchanges where the Robot operates:

a) Binance – If you already have an account, you can use the account you have, if you don’t have an account, you can open it at this link: BINANCE

b) OKX – If you already have an account, you can use it, if not, you can open one at this link: OKX

Once you have an account, you must have a balance in USDT (minimum of 300 USDT) in the exchange’s futures account.

2 – Still within your exchange platform, you must configure the API that will connect the CoinTech2u robot with your futures account on the exchange.

When configuring the API, only use the company’s IPs, as it is more secure. Put the following IPs: 8,218,22,136 47,242,145,94 8,218,5,187 8,210,116,248 8,218,7,196 47,242,32,173 8,218,7,70 8,218,27,161 8,218,19,105 8,218,8,63 47,243,114,177 8,218,242,247 8,210,205.22 47,243,192,250 8,218,40.50 (do not copy and paste them all at the same time, as it may give an error. Copy and paste 5 at a time, repeating the process until you have all the IPs in your API).

You must also configure the negotiation to open for both sides (Hedging) and configure the pairs that you will use for the cross mode (CROSS).

3 – Open an account on the CoinTech2u app. You can use the link below or scan the code with your cell phone that you see below.

Registration link: FREE REGISTRATION

Referal code
referral code


a) Enter a nickname, which is your username. It has to be one that doesn’t already exist in the system.

b) Enter your email.

c) Click SEND CODE to receive a security code in your email. Please wait, it may take a while to receive it. Clicking multiple times may give an error. If you get an error, wait a few minutes and try again.

d) Referal Code that you must put: wELqaO

e) Password. Choose a secure password.

f) Click on REGISTER

Once you’ve registered, you can download the app for Android or the APK for iOS.

You also can continue the process in your computer’s browser if you prefer.

The link to continue in the browser is this:

4 – After registering in the CoinTech2u application, you must now recharge your account to have a balance to pay the commissions for using the Robot and configure the robot within the application. The minimum amount is 15 dollars.

To make it simpler to do the whole process described above, watch the videos below that explain the step-by-step:

Explanatory Videos:

Vídeo 1:

Vídeo 2:

Vídeo 3:

Vídeo 4:

Also, watch a video where a user shows an account that started with $15,000 and now has over $110,000!

In addition to the explanatory videos, we also have a spreadsheet that helps with the configuration.

Click this link to download the worksheet: DOWNLOAD THE EXCEL


The question that everyone always asks after reading one of my reviews is whether it’s worth trying.

My answer is: it depends on you.

However, the following aspects that I consider important must be mentioned:

  • As demonstrated above, the software has had results, and very good ones indeed. But we know that in investments, past results do not mean equal results in the future.
  • We are using the software and the results have been good, according to what we were told.
  • Any type of investment has risks, as the market is very volatile, and the robot trades with leverage in an already very volatile market.
  • In terms of security, it exists, as our money is on an exchange, and in this case, on the largest in the world, Binance. The software only has trading permissions. But could Binance have problems in the future? It can, anything can always happen.
  • If you want to try the software, the best thing to do is to use a value, which in case something goes wrong and you lose money, you won’t miss it. This is the advice that is given for any type of investment and this is no different.

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