How to Register?

If You are not our affiliate:

A) Registers normally in the form below and subscribe via Paypal. You will Get 1 free week. During this time you can cancel the registration and the subscription at any time, without any additional cost.

B) After the initial week, you will pay a monthly fee of 39.99 USD through Paypal subscription.

If you have any questions, please contact CHAT or use the alternative contact channels.

Register on the form below and subscribe to the Signals. You’ll get 1 Free week.

If You are our affiliate:

A) The first 2 weeks are free. Before registering you must confirm that you are our affiliate (*). You do not have to subscribe to Paypal and do not pay anything in these two weeks.

B) After free 2 weeks you pay $ 19.99 per month (most signals companies charge $99), or if you opt for a promotion you will get up to 1 year of free signals.

– What is an affiliate? (*)

An affiliate is someone who opened the account at the broker using the link from an affiliate site like ours. By opening the account from our link and depositing any amount, the broker give us a small portion of the profits it gets from trader transactions.
For the client (you) it does not have any difference to open an account by us or direct in the broker link. The account is the same, the profits the same, the rules the same.
It only has advantages: our support, strategies, free signals or at lower prices, etc.

– Why are offers unique to affiliates?

Because it has given us a lot of work, because we have costs with the services and with this website, and because if you do not pay anything by being affiliated, it will not be too much to ask for it. And above all, because it is fair, if you do not work for free it is also fair that we can earn something for our work. Especially because you’re not the one paying, but the broker.

To be an affiliate is simple, talk to us through Chat or use another of our contact forms.

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