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    1. Hi,
      This account is not affliated with me. In order to have access to my free strategies and signals, you would need to close this account and open a new one, using my special link. I can help you.

  1. Hakimi Abdul Jabar

    Dear Rui Oliveira,

    I am currently a trader using the IQ Options Brokerage platform.

    After carefully reading and analysing your articles on binary options robots, I had downloaded the Best “Binary Options Robot – Signals App” of 2014 & the Auto Trading App for use on my mobile smartphone.

    How does it work with my IQ Options live trading account?

    Does the Robot trade automatically & profitably for my benefit?

    I am quite busy with fulltime writing public international law textbooks that I hardly have time to analyse and trade :

    I will be most obliged if you could give my request the much needed and immediate information & response.

    Thank you.

    Warmest regards,

    1. Hi,

      You can’t use any robot with IQ Option. The only auto system available to IQ is Signals, I do provide signals to IQ. You can test it for 1 month. After that, you need to be my affiliate or to pay for them.

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