X (Twitter) Scammers on Crypto

The crypto world has been in an uproar over the last six months. Prices rose sharply, driven by ETFs and the Bitcoin Halving, and with prospects of economic improvements for 2024, the expectation is that we will definitively enter the bull market.

X (Twitter) Scammers on Crypto 1

As a result, the creation and entry of new projects into the market received a huge boost, especially meme coins, the trend again, as they were during the last Halving in 2020.

However, this also creates a whole world of scammers, and as this market grows, so does the number of people intending to make money dishonestly.

Today, I bring you an article from a new meme coin website ( https://madbull.meme/ ) that offers a fascinating perspective.

This project created a journal in which the mentor reported on all the steps and everything that had happened since the beginning of the project.

In addition to the general reader getting an idea of how everything works and how a meme coin develops, they will also let the reader know what this world is like, where not everything is as it seems.

This particular Jornal exposes a scam that is currently happening on X (former Twitter), where the fact that these scammers can have their accounts with blue checkmarks very quickly then helps honest people like that guy to get scammed since, from X’s perspective and rules, someone that get the blue checkmark was verified by a support team on X.

MDABULL’s team does not think that work on X is done properly, meaning that many people “sell” an image of trust with that checkmark when, in fact, nothing on their accounts is real, starting with their followers, who are only bots, and the posts’ interactions.

Their article shows evidence of a scam involving many “influencers” who primarily use X to target their clients. It shows unreal numbers with accounts that should be banned.

To read the article, click on the link below. 


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