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Binary Option Robot


I write this article about the Binary Option Robot for three different reasons.

The first is because several people have requested more information about this Robot that I mentioned in passing in another article.

Second, because it is a Robot that does not belong to a particular broker, but was developed by a team of French traders. It has been working for over a year, and continues to attract customers worldwide.

Third, because it is both an automatic and semi-automatic Robot. Unlike other Robots that I review where some are automatic and others semi-automatic (or signal providers), this one gives us the choice between simply receiving the signals or trading automatically.

The Binary Option Robot has two versions available, a free version and a Pro version for 79 USD with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee where you receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with the results. I know someone who tested the guarantee by asking for a refund and they were given the refund. This shows they back up what they promise and are confident in the product.

Characteristics of the Binary Option Robot:

– It functions both as a signal provider as well as a 100% automatic system.

– It lets you choose the type of strategy. Against the trend or trend following. The trader can use the strategy that they prefer. (Pro version only).

– Choose different indicators. We can select from various indicators, such as TREND, MACD, RSI, STOCH, Williams, and CCI. We can select to use only one, several or all of them combined. (Pro version only).

– Set the value for every trade placed. (Pro version only).

– Use three different systems: Normal, Martingale or Fibonacci.

– Use one or more asset at a time.

– Select the expiration time that you prefer. (Pro version only).

– Free updates and upgrades forever. (Pro version only).

– Full money back guarantee on the pro version (79 USD), if you are not completely satisfied in 60 days.


As we can see from the above-mentioned features, we can conclude that the Binary Option Robot is very different from other Robots. It allows us to have some control over how it works. In practice, we can use the assets, the types of trade, the indicators, the values, etc. that we prefer. In addition, we can use the Binary Option Robot as a signal provider or as a fully automated system.

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