the trading triangle

Trading Triangle

What is a trading triangle?

People ask me what are the differences between my Binary Options training and other courses found on the Internet. I explain that I teach the Trading Triangle. Since normally they don’t know what this means, I decided to write an article explaining what it is.

Usually, the materials we find about binary options such as e-books, videos, and even paid courses always cover the same thing: Market and Strategies. Everyone forgets the most important part: YOU!

Our Binary Options Online Training will help you to get through the process of learning and improving your skills to make money in this market.

Tips from our Professional Trader: 6 reasons to have 2 accounts

Do you know that you should work with more than 1 broker?
Check the 6 reasons why you should have account with at least 2 brokers:
  1. Each platform has its differences. If you try different platforms you may find those more suitable to your trading style.
  2. Each broker has his own payouts that keep changing during the day. If you want to open a trade and one offers 60% and the other 80%, you will choose the one with best payout, no?
  3. Sometimes the brokers close some assets, if you have just one account and you want to trade on that asset and it is closed, you will LOSE that trade, no?
  4. If there is an issue with your Broker’s platform, or they are updating it you’re not able to trade, unless you have another account with other broker.
  5. Deposits and withdraws. Brokers keep changing the deposit and withdraw methods, imagine you need cash fast and your withdraw system is closed at that moment on your broker, what do you do?
  6. Each platform has its owns indicators and trading tools, imagine you found a new stratey and it does not work on your broker because it uses an indicator that your broker does not offer.

Below you can find our main trader suggestions on brokers:

What are the 3 sides of the Trading Triangle?

1st – The Market

What’s the market where we trade? What are the characteristics of this market? How does it work? What are the risks? What are the profits? This is the information that is easily found.

On any website or blog about binary options, we find an explanation and answers to all these questions. Of course here on my blog, you will also find all the important information on this topic.

2nd – The Strategies

What strategies are available? How to use a strategy? Which indicators does it use? What times does it work best and with which assets? Does it work with the trend or against the trend?

You will find several examples of strategies on most sites or on YouTube. My blog explains several strategies. Here, I warn you to be careful with some people who “sell” miraculous strategies with guaranteed results and astronomical profits that in the end just result in losses.

3rd – The Trader

This is the most important side of the trading triangle. It’s about YOU. You are the base of the trading triangle. You will not find what you will learn in many places. Why? Because few have a real knowledge of this subject.

And those that do, normally sell their courses for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

In this third chapter, we talk about rules, psychology, fear, confidence, knowing how to lose, knowing how to win. We talk about what makes up discipline. Without discipline, no trader can generate profits consistently.

No market and no strategy work if you don’t have this foundation. Without these rules, you will never be successful.

Don’t mistake the trading triangle with the trading triangle explained in Investopedia 

A triangle is a chart pattern, depicted by drawing trendlines along a converging price range, that connotes a pause in the prevailing trend.

Check our vídeo about the Trading Triangle

Trading Triangle: Conclusion

If today we have access to all the information about the market and about strategies, why is it that some people profit and others lose? Aren’t the means the same for everyone? The market is regulated.

The platforms are controlled and the asset prices are verified. In theory, if a strategy has results, everyone should generate profits simply, quickly, and securely.

But that’s not what happens. First, because there are a lot of people selling lies about their strategies and their indicators. Second, because even using a good strategy, if you lack the knowledge base, you can never get the results that others can, using the same strategy.

The reason for success or failure is not in the strategy, it is in YOU. In your ability to deal with various situations, with the pressure to win or what to do on the days that you lose money. Yes, nobody profits every day. It is necessary to know what to do when things don’t go well.

And this is what I teach, this is the Trading Triangle. And you won’t find free information on this subject. Try googling Trading Triangle 😀

The Trading Triangle is what I teach in my training classes, and I’m proud to say that those who learn from me and seriously put into practice my teachings can achieve results.

Now that you know what the Trading Triangle is and the potential that you may have when you learn from me, don’t hesitate to contact me to receive the training.

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