Signals and Analyses for Classic Options

Signals and Analyses for Classic Options

Signals and Analyses for Classic Options at IQ Option is another unique service from our Blog. This service sends analyses and signals through email, with the goal of helping you to find good opportunities to trade and profit the new product at IQ Option: Classic Options.

In addition to the way they are traded, Classic Options have some differences from Binary Options:

  • The expiration times of these options are typically several days or even weeks. There are no short-term expiration times like 1 minute.
  • The assets are options on the stocks of the 500 American companies listed on the S&P 500.
  • We can have profits of 200%, 500% 1000% or more on just one trade.
  • As far as losses, we never lose more than the value that we bet, that is 100%.
  • We can close the trade at any time, which means that during the time that the Option is open we can choose to close the trade early and keep the profit up to that point.
  • Classic Options are available from 14h30 to 20h30 GMT.

For more information, see our articles and videos about Classic Options. CLICK HERE.

Signals and Analyses for Classic Options – How they work:

– Every week, one or several emails will be sent with analyses and signals for Classic Options.

– Although it may vary, the emails will be sent on Monday or Tuesday of each week with the signals.

– This email, in addition to analyses, includes signals information for the Strike Price, Entry Price, Entry Date and Expiration Date of the option.

– There may be further emails with the tip to close the open options, if I verify that the Options are making a good profit, I may send another email so that you can consider closing the Option before the expiration.

– It is important to pay attention to the emails and to try to place the trades quickly (if you find the signal interesting).

– There is no set amount or average amount of emails; you may receive 1, 5, or none. An email will only be sent when we find good opportunities.

– When you receive the email, you can choose to act on the signal or not. It is your responsibility to act or not on the signals that we send. We do not guarantee profits, as in any investment, and cannot be held responsible for any losses or profits that may result. The point of this service is for me to email my affiliates the analyses and trades that I will be placing in my account. It is up to each person whether they follow or not my analyses and signals.

Signals and Analyses for Classic Options – How do I receive them:

– Signals and Analyses for Classic Options, for now, are totally free.

– To be able to receive them you only have to be affiliated with our blog, that is, you need to have opened your account at IQ Option through our link. If you already have account and are not affiliated with us, please contact us on our chat or leave a comment so we can explain what you will able to do.

Learn about the Classic Options Strategies at IQ Option

– What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who opened the account at the broker using a link from an affiliated site like ours. When you open the account through us, the broker shares with us a small part of the profits from trades.
For the client (you), it makes no difference to register through us or directly with the broker. The account is the same; the profits are the same; and the rules are the same.
There are only advantages: Our support, strategies, signals, etc.

– Why are this Signals and Analyses for Classic Options exclusively for affiliates?

Because they give a lot of work, because the blog incurs costs, and because since you don’t pay anything to be an affiliate, it’s not too much to ask. And above all, because it is fair, if you don’t work for free, it is also fair that we receive compensation for our work. Even more because you are not the one paying; the broker pays us.

Signals and Analyses for Classic Options – How to register:

– Registering is simple. Register using the form below.

– After you complete the form, your registration will be pending until we verify that you are in fact affiliated with us. If you are, you will receive the next signal automatically. If you are not, we will contact you to explain what you need to do.

– If you have any questions, please contact us through our chat or leave a comment at the end of the article.

Register below to get our Signals and Analyses for Classic Options. Fill the registration with your EMAIL and IQ Option ID (Account Number or Personal Cabinet Number).

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