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RobotFX Trade


RobotFX Trade – The 2 in 1 system

This software has one difference from all the systems already reviewed on the blog. While the previous robots were developed for binary options only, RobotFX Trade works in Forex, or binary options.

In fact this system was developed in Forex, since it uses a platform used in the Forex market, the MT4, or Metatrader 4.

Although the base of the system was developed on this Forex platform, a trader does not need to have the MT4 platform to use the software because the software works on a simple binary options platform.

How does RobotFX Trade work?

– RobotFX Trade is an automatic trading platform that selects the most profitable financial assets each day.

– The software works automatically. It does not send signals that will be accepted or not by the user like Make Money Robot. This system does everything. It searches for the best entries in the market and places the orders.

– On turning on the robot, you must select a risk level and the amount you wish to invest for each order. These are the only things you have to do. As I always advise, you should always start with low values for each trade. As you see the results and gain confidence you can increase the values to invest in each trade little by little, never forgetting the rules of Risk Management.

– Just like Make Money Robot, this robot also works through licensing. According to the official site, more than 25,000 licenses have already been requested.

– The use of the Robot has a monthly cost of $19.90. Previously there were two licenses, but now there is only one and it has a monthly cost. As long as the system can generate profits, the value of the license is not a problem. Sometimes it is preferable to pay and have a professional service that has results. However, we require that it really delivers what it promises.

– According to the official website, RobotFX Trade has an average effectiveness on open orders of 93%.

– RobotFX Trade makes it possible to trade 179 financial assets, such as currencies, commodities, stocks etc.

Tips for using RobotFX Trade:

– As a completely automated system, it has advantages and disadvantages. If on the one hand you can earn money even while you sleep and the system works, you can also lose money while you sleep. In the early days, just use the software when you’re around to control the results.

– Like I always say, start slowly with low values in each order and go up as your account gets larger and you become more confident in the results it obtains.

– Although the official website says that the percentage of profitable trades is above 90%, you should know that as good as a system or strategy are, there are days when they are unable to have positive results, because the market is not operating within normal parameters. On these days, and after 3 failed trades, stop trading and come back the next day. Don’t make the mistake of continuing on this day, hoping to change your “luck”.

If you try RobotFX Trade don’t forget to share your results here on the blog by commenting on the article or sending me a message.


We have an exclusive offer for our readers. When you open an account on RobotFX Trade using the link from the blog you will receive 2 risk-free trades (25 USD each one). This means that the first two trades with losses will be free. This way you can test some orders and verify for yourself the Robot’s results, knowing that you will have no risk of losing. To obtain the exclusive offer open an account with the following link: RobotFX TradeIn addition to the promotion, also request the Trading Guide for Automatic Systems, exclusively for our readers. Before deposit please contact me to get the promotion.

If you decide to try a Robot, before depositing ask me by email or Skype (see contacts) to send you a Trading Guide for Automatic Systems. This short guide has a set of rules and advice that will help you use the Robot in the beginning. Even when trading with automated systems it is very important to comply with some rules that can be the difference between success and failure. Please contact me BEFORE making the deposit, because sometimes the link that is used is not mine.

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