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Algobit Robot Confirmation Strategy

The Algobit Robot is one of the best-known algorithms in the binary options market. It belongs to the broker OptionBit and has been around for more than two years.

In my analysis of the Algobit Robot that can be found HERE, I state that robots offer some advantages, but they are “blind” in some analysis, so there are days when they work very well, and others when they don’t get anything right.

On the other hand, when you see an advertisement for any robot, it always says that it has a success rate of above 80% and you can easily generate hundreds of dollars per day or more. That is misleading advertising. With a small account of 250, 500 or even 1,000 dollars you can’t earn hundreds of dollars a day with any robot, and no robot can have an 80% or higher success rate. It can on some days, but there are other days when it loses. So, in reality, at the end of the month the robot earns much less than is advertised, and in many cases it loses money.

The Algobit Robot is no different. It has not 80% success rate. But it offers a unique advantage. It is semi automatic; this means that the signals that it generates can be chosen by us. And that is an important advantage compared to other robots.

But how do we choose only the good signals? How can we do that?

As explained in my analysis of the Algobit Robot, it works with a trend strategy. The robot sends input signals when new trends are forming, both in Turbo mode (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes) or in Digital mode (15 minutes, 1 hour, etc).

We use a trend strategy, but against the trend to confirm that the signals are good. It sounds complicated, but if you know how to do it, it is very simple.

In practice the new trend strategy that I teach in my binary options course, is used with some changes that were made by a student.

The student changed the initial strategy and began using the Algobit Robot, but confirming the signals the robot gave.

Algobit Robot – How the Strategy Works

-This strategy uses Stochastic, RSI, ADX and the Pivots indicator that I provide in the course.

– It is used as a counter-trend strategy. When the values are overbought/oversold (remember that the configuration of the indicators is not the default) we enter against the trend, but in favor of the signal.

– The signals that have been used are the turbo, usually 1 minute, 2 minutes, and 5 minutes.

– It is necessary to WARN you that with this system it is possible to have a very high success rate, but the number of signals where we really enter is much smaller. For every 20 signals that we receive we may enter with only 1. But the success rate is around 80%.

– Since we only enter a trade a few times, it is necessary to have the patience to see the signals that the strategy confirms and it is fundamental that we respect this confirmation. If we enter a trade even when one of the indicators is not in accordance with the rules, we are increasing the potential for losses. Thus, it is imperative to enter only when the various rules of the strategy confirm the signal given by the Algobit Robot.

– Another student created a PDF that explains how the confirmation strategy works. If you are interested, request the PDF from me by email.

– The strategy and its explanation will be sent to all my former students. Just ask me by e-mail.

Algobit Robot – Conclusion

The use of a strategy that confirms signals from a robot, be it the Algobit Robot or any other, is a a way to increasing the potential of the Robot’s results, and increase profits.

The strategy that was adapted by a student has had some very interesting results. Below you can see an image of the student’s real money account. These trades were placed in one week. You will see that there were not a lot of trades placed, but that they were all correct. The account is real, because as you may know, only real accounts can use the Algobit Robot.

Algobit Robot real results
robot algobit results

The use of the Algobit Robot is completely free. You just have to have an active account with a deposit at Option Bit. To open an account just click on the Banner above. If you were a student of mine ask me to send you the strategy and the PDF that explains how it works. If you haven’t been my student and are interested in trying out the strategy, contact me.

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