Best time to trade pocket option

One of the most common questions asked online on Google is:

What is the best time to trade Pocket Option?

There is not 1 simple answer. It depends on many factors that we will explain below: time, assets, markets, economic news, etc. So read this post to fully understand what is the best time to trade Pocket Option and why there isn’t one simple answer to that.

So, before digging into that question, let’s talk a little bit about some important things about Pocket Option.

pocket option trading
pocket option trading

Types of Trading

As you can check in the image below, there are 3 types of trading (6 if you consider that 3 are demo accounts and 3 are real accounts).

Fast Trading and Digital Trading are Binary Options trades, in which the expiration time varies between 30 seconds and 4 hours.

MT5 Forex is trading on an external platform, and as the name implies, it is for Forex.

To change the types of trading click on the Trading button in the upper left corner of the platform.

pocket option trading
pocket option trading

Fast Trading

Pocket Option Fast Trading is a more recent type of trading since when Pocket Option started in 2017, it only offered Digital Trading (previously called Trading only).

The introduction of this type of trading was to allow the Binary Options trader to freely choose the expiration time he wants (within the limits of the platform: 30 seconds to 4 hours).

Trading Digital has expiration times defined by the platform itself, depending on the times of the candles, as you can see in the explanations below.

Fast Trading has a very simple and basic menu.

As you can see in the image below, in the time menu, you choose exactly how much expiration time you want.

It can be exactly 1 minute, it can be 1 minute and 5 seconds, or the time you want exactly.

For certain strategies, or for example to trade on news it is a suitable format.

Imagine that it is 12:32 pm and you want to place the operation to end at 12:58 pm because at 1:00 pm important news comes out and you don’t want your operation to be influenced by the market in the pre-news.

If you were using Trading Digital, you would have to choose an expiration at the end of the candle, which would be an expiration at 13:00.

In this type of negotiation, you have the freedom to choose exactly when you want to finish.

The fact that Pocket Option offers both types of trading where you can trade at the end of the candle or at the time you choose is excellent and helps traders in using this tool on their behalf when choosing the best time to trade pocket option, depending the strategy and be safe against news that can impact the markets.

Very few Binary Options platforms offer this possibility.

This allows you to use all types of strategies or signals, as much only work well in one of the types of trading, so having both means you are free to use all types of strategies or signals.

pocket option chart
pocket option chart

The question of how you manage the expiration time is the big difference between Fast Trading and Digital Trading.

Everything else works the same way.

The shortest expiration time in both is 30 seconds, with a maximum of 4 hours.

The Payout or the profit offered in each transaction is also the same, whether you are trading in one type or the other.

Digital Trading

Digital Trading is a type of trading used in a few Binary Options brokers where the expiration time is at the end of the candle.

As you can see in the image below, you will see that there are already pre-defined times.

These times run according to the stopwatch.

Each of them corresponds to the end of the candle, whether the candle is 1 minute, or 2, 5, 15, 30 to 4 hours, which is the largest candle that you can trade.

To understand the difference between Fast Trading, while Fast you programs when you want the expiration time, with total freedom of choice, here you have to choose a time already determined on the platform.

For example, you put the operation to finish within 5 minutes.

In Fast Trading, you choose exactly 5 minutes.

In Digital Trading you either wait until you start a new 5-minute candle, or if you enter this exact moment (see the image below) you would not be able to enter for exactly 5 minutes, but for 4m15s.

This is because it would be entering the end of the 5-minute candle that had already started exactly 45 seconds ago.

pocket option fast trading
pocket option fast trading

In this type of trading, there is a 30-second hall (you can see two vertical lines on the chart). That is, when you look at the image and see that in M1 trading it has 15 seconds, this means that the total time will be 15 seconds, plus the 30-second extra time, making a total of 45 seconds trading expiration.

If you entered now, your expiration time for the operation would be 45 seconds in total.

This type of Trading is ideal for example to use Telegram Signals that use the end of the 5-minute candle as the right expiration time.

Know the Binary Options Signals on TELEGRAM

Another difference between Digital Trading and Quick Trading is the possibility for the trader to choose a different Stripe Price, and thus increase their profits by up to 218%.

This option is a type of Binary option known as Touch.

Choosing a Strike value above the normal value will increase the potential profit, but also increase the difficulty.

This function is not always available.

It depends on the asset, the time, and the expiration time left for the contract to end, which will normally be on expirations between 1 and 3 minutes.

Below you can check a situation where you were active.

Do not forget that the launch price button must be active (blue point) as it appears in the image.

pocket option digital trading strike price
pocket option digital trading strike price

MT5 Forex

MT5 is a trading platform in CFDs and Forex by the company Metaquotes.

This platform and MT4 are the two most used platforms by Forex brokers worldwide.

It is a platform that, in addition to being very complete, also allows trading with Robots.

About 90% of the world’s largest brokers use MT4 or MT5.

In the case of the Pocket Option, it opted only for MT5 which is the most recent.

Just because the Broker has purchased the platform license, it is because it is a broker that invests in the best tools to offer its clients, which already offers us some confidence.

To give you an idea, of all the major Binary Options brokers, only Olymp Trade has MT4 in its portfolio, and none has MT5.

The annual cost of MT5 is over $ 100,000, which means that the company wants to offer the best to its customers.

A very positive note in this case.

To open an MT5 account go to the Trading button in the top left corner, and click. 2 MT5 options will appear, real account, and demo account

MT5 Platform on Pocket Option

There are two MT5 platform options. You can trade directly in the browser within the original Pocket Option platform interface, or you can download it to your computer.

By clicking on the MT5 Demo, for example, the platform will appear as shown in the image.

Click on NEXT to go to the menu where you will see the account access data (account number and password).

MT5 Account Pocket Option

After copying the access data to the Demo MT5 account, go back to the previous menu and paste this data.

By doing this, you will have immediate access to the MT5 account, as you can see in the image beside.

The Pocket Option MT5 demo account, as well as the Binary Options demo account, can be reloaded.

In case you want to open a real MT5 account, you will have to have made deposits with a minimum value of $ 1000 (sum of all deposits made), thus being at the experienced level, which is the minimum to be able to have a real MT5 account.

If you want to download the MT5 platform to your computer, phone, or tablet, click on the menu on the right side, where it says platforms.

You will then find links to download MT5.

You can choose to download the application for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, or Linux.

Just click and it will start downloading the MT5 application you have chosen. After downloading you have to install, following the instructions.

The process is simple, but if you have any questions, you can click where it says Installation Guide for help. After the installation is complete, you can choose to use the MT5 Demo or Real account you already had, copying the platform data into the browser and placing it in the application you downloaded.

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With more than 100 assets, Pocket Option has an interesting amount of assets, even though it is not the broker with the greatest offer of assets for trading.

These assets are divided into five categories:

• Forex



• Cryptocurrency

• Commodities

On the Pocket Option website, you will find the trading schedule, the list of assets currently under negotiation, as well as the percentage of the payment for each one.

In addition to normal assets, the platform also offers OTC assets, which means that you can trade on the weekend.

Read more about OTC trading below.

OTC Binary Options: 3 Reasons NOT to Trade

Now that we know what type of trading and the assets the platform offers, let’s dig more into what is the best time to trade pocket option.

Best time to trade Pocket Option

As it was said, there is not 1 single answer to know what is the best time to trade the Pocket Option.

We can say that there are plenty of opportunities to trade with success on the platform.

We will list some of the things people need to think about before trading:

  • Any money you invest you can lose it, so, be sure to invest money that you don’t need since your pressure not to lose, will be bigger and will work against you. When we can’t afford to lose, is when we normally lose.
  • Be sure to understand how the platform works, and how each investment tool works, in order to know how to take advantage of them.
  • Learn about your investor profile, and learn how to master your emotions to react as a trader and not as a “human”. On this link, you can learn about this for free: ▶
  • Learn to know how the markets react and read graphics and candles.
  • Learn how to trade on the news and other events that can make the markets move up and down. On this link, you can watch our videos about how to trade on the news

Trade Binary Options on Pocket Option

Even if the platform offers different trading instruments and many different assets, we will use some examples of good times to trade Pocket Option with what are the most used trades on this platform.

Most traders use Binary Options investments and Forex pairs, such as EURUSD to trade, so we will be focusing on this example to give some of the best times to trade them on Pocket Option.

Binary Options by definition is a bet that is made on a financial price asset (if its price goes up or down) with an expiration time to finish this bet.

The bet is to wager on the fall or rise in the price of this asset, like for example EURUSD. To learn more about this investment, read what is Binary Options.

Now that you know what is Binary Option, you know that you bet on a price (your bet is if this price will fall or rise) and this bet has an expiration time, meaning that when you make the bet you know that this bet will be over in 1 minute, 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, etc.

You also know from the beginning how much money you will make if you win the bet, because the platform shows you the payout for your bet, even before you decide to start. This is good, since you can know for sure, that in the case of a winning bet, how much you earn, the same way, that you know, how much you will lose if the case of a wrong prediction.

It is similar to sporting bets, but in this case with financial assets.

One of the things that Binary Options offers, is that you can make profits when the market is down, you just need to bet on the price to fall.

If you are trading in the Stocks Markets, when the prices are falling you are losing money, not here.

In Binary Options, you trade both when the market goes up, and when it goes down. Sometimes we can make more money when it goes down, simply because the falls tend to be more sharply, making the trades more easy to win.

In this example, we also focused on Forex pairs (for example EURUSD), because it is a regulated market that is open from Monday to Friday (depending on where you are based.

So, if you were to trade Binary Options and use the pair EURUSD, we would say some things about what is the best time to trade Pocket Option.

Tips to trade on Pocket Option

We will use Western European Time (WET), UTC +0 as a reference.

Trade with fast trading expiration times

In case you don’t like to wait, turbo trading is the type of trading more used on Binary Options. Normally the expiration time goes from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

The best time to trade with this is when the market is more quiet, after 17h UTC +0 until 7h UTC +0.

Normally this type of trading offers better payouts.

Trade with fast trading expiration times

In case you prefer to analyze the markets and trade for example on the trend of the market, you can opt to use trades of 1 hour or 1 day, for example.

This will give you more time to expect what is the actual trend on the market and for some people more convenient since a long trend is known as one of the best ways to trade.

When you open longer trades, you rely less on luck, since the small pullbacks often happen in the short periods of trading, such as 1 or 5 minutes.

News Events

If you did not make the free course that explains how to trade on the news events, as we wrote above, you should.

If not, the best solution is to be aware of the daily economic events, avoid trading, 1 hour before all main events, and wait up to 4 hours after those news events take place.

To follow all main economic events, you can use Forex Factory Calendar.

Pay attention to payouts

The payout is the expected financial returns from investments. In Binary Options, the payout is the percentage that an asset offers at a specific time for a specific expiration time.

The payout can be 90% at a given time, as it can be only 30% an hour later.

It is very important to place a bet only when the payout is high, since you always have a chance to lose, so, the risk/revenue ratio to be acceptable, needs to pay for the risk. So, the payout is really important.

Many traders, advise not to place a bet when the payout is lower than 65%.

Pocket Option offers up to 90% with Binary Options. This percentage can change with the asset, the time you are trading, with the expiration time, but also with the client level, you are at.

We hope you enjoyed the post: Best time to trade Pocket Option. If yes, don’t forget to comment and share it.

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