Crypto Options at IQ Option

What are crypto options and how to trade them?

Recently, IQ Option introduced a new instrument on its platform: crypto options. They instantly became very popular among traders due to the growing interest in crypto and the easily comprehensible mechanics of options trading. It is worth noting that crypto options are a very rare offer that most brokers don’t provide.

Let’s find out what crypto options are and how to trade them on the IQ Option platform.

crypto options at iq option
crypto option at iq option

What’s a crypto option?

Crypto options are just like standard options, but for cryptocurrencies. If you have ever traded binary or digital options on the IQ Option platform, wrapping your head around crypto options would be a piece of cake. Traders can open both long and short positions and make predictions on the cryptocurrency price movement: up or down.

The benefits of crypto options trading

Traders might get interested in crypto options because of the increased volatility of cryptocurrencies. As you know, cryptocurrencies are way more volatile than any other trading instrument — their price can significantly move within a short period of time. In the event of a successful deal, the potential profit from a crypto asset can be many times higher than that from other asset types. At the same time, do not forget that the potential losses in case of a negative outcome can also be very high.

Thus, crypto options are a real gift for options fans, as they combine the clear logic of option trading and the promising prospects of crypto trading.

Which crypto options are available on the IQ Option platform?

Traders can access Binary and Digital options on the following cryptos:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • EOS
  • Litecoin
  • Ripple

Which type of crypto options to choose?

As mentioned earlier, IQ Option traders can choose between Binary and Digital options on cryptos. They differ in three categories: 

  1. Events that determine the outcome of the trade. In binary options, all you need to do is correctly guess whether the price will be higher or lower by the moment the trade expires. For digital options, it’s not only the direction of the price that matters but also the price distance from the opening price. 
  2. Returns. The potential return for binary options is fixed and can go as high as 95%. In the case of digital options, your potential return is unlimited and will fluctuate over the entire course of the deal: the further the price moves relative to the opening price, the higher the percentage of your profit or loss will be.
  3. Expiration periods. Binary options: from 1 minute to 1 month. Digital options: 1, 5, and 15 minutes. 

How to trade crypto options on the IQ Option platform?

  • Create an new IQ Option account or log in to the existing one and select an asset by clicking the + sign.
crypto options 1
Click where you see the arrow
  • Choose Binary or “Digital” from the list and select the desired asset. You can filter the assets by price and recent profitability scores. For the binary crypto options, you can apply filters by price and recent profitability scores. For digital options, you can filter assets by hourly change and current price profit. 

View the full information on each asset, create alerts, or add to Watchlist by clicking the corresponding icons in front of the asset.

crypto options 2
Options: Binary or Digital
  • Enter the investment amount: manually or from the list.
crypto options 3
The arrow shows where you can set up the amount to invest
  • Choose the expiration time. Once the expiration time is over, the option will no longer be valid.
crypto options 4
You can set up expiration time where the arrow is pointing

Example for the binary crypto option trade.

The expiration time will be represented by a thick red vertical line on the chart.

crypto options 5
The arrow points where the red thick is on the chart
  • Finally, analyze the chart with technical indicators and choose the expected price direction: Higher or Lower. You must open the trade before the purchase time expires.
    The purchase time is represented by the white line with the countdown timer.
    You can open several options at a time.
crypto options 6
Green= Higher / Red = Lower

 If you believe your trade is going bad, feel free to close it before the expiration time.

crypto options 7
The arrow shows where you can close the trade.

If your forecast turns out to be successful, you will earn a profit according to the expected profit percentage. Otherwise, you will lose the invested amount.

crypto options 8


You’ll be interested in crypto options if you are both a crypto and options trading enthusiast. The IQ Option platform offers you to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Litecoin, and Ripple as options (binary or digital) and benefit from cryptos’ high volatility and options trading mechanics. 

In the case of binary options, you don’t care how far the price deviates from the opening price — the only thing that matters is whether it is higher or lower. Digital options, on the contrary, take into account not only the direction, but also the magnitude of price fluctuations. This allows traders to get much better returns on very small investments, yet increases the risks.

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