How to Register Correctly

Some readers, who want to take advantage of the exclusive promotions the Binary Options Blog offers, have had problems on how to register.

Whether it is for have free access to Signals, the free training lessons, or simply a promotion linked to a broker or Robot, the truth is that often there are problems when registering.

Often it is just due to cookies stored in the browser for weeks and months. We should periodically clean cookies from our computer, just to make our system faster.

To avoid this type of situation, which is unpleasant for the reader in particular when he intends to make a registration in order to receive free lessons, I decided to write this article where I explain the various steps you should take to avoid issues with links, cookies or other things.

Steps to Register:

1 – Clean Cookies –This is one of the biggest problems that prevent registrations with links that entitle you to the promotions. The following link has images that explain how to clear cookies on ChromeInternet Explorer, or another browser.

2 – Use a different browser –After cleaning the cookies in all browsers, if possible use a different browser to register. It’s one more way to avoid the risk of old links that can be “hidden” in your usual browser.

3 – Register – Use the appropriate link to register. You have to use an email address that has not been used for a previous registration. If you are not sure of never having used your usual email address, it is preferable to use another email address.

4 – Wait for the Confirmation – Send me the registration information (at my contacts). Let me know the email address you used to register. Wait for my confirmation. < span style = “text-decoration: underline;” >Don’t make any deposits until I have confirmed that everything is correct.

5 – Make the Deposit – Wait to make your first deposit until I confirm that you were registered correctly. Don’t forget to send the documents that are requested by the broker/Robot.

These five steps are essential to registering correctly. Often because of a small mistake, we end up losing a promotion. It has happened that traders who wanted to take advantage of the Free Training registered with the broker using another link and didn’t wait for confirmation before depositing. In this situation, the broker doesn’t pay for the training with me and I have no way to offer free training.

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