IQ Option Login and Download

For the beginners, it’s natural to have doubts on how to start with the platforms and take the 1st steps in this fantastic new world of online trading. So in this article, you will understand that it is very simple, fast and also free to enter, login and download IQ Option trading platforms and apps.

IQ Option Login and Download

How to enter IQ Option and download the application?

IQ Option is one of the leading online financial trading platforms.

It exists since 2013 and today it has the biggest number of clients and it’s the one that is present in more countries around the world.

Its applications are the most awarded.

It also has the biggest portfolio of products in its applications: Binary Options, Digital Options, CFDs, Forex, Cryptocurrency, etc.

In this article we will talk about how to enter IQ Option, how to login and download the applications.

If you are new to this type of applications it’s normal to have some doubts and even fears to enter IQ Option, because it’s an application that deals with investments.

But don’t be afraid, first of all, because logging in and downloading the applications is simple and free.

And if you don’t want you can just use it to play around, you won’t have to deposit any amount ever, if you don’t want to.

How to enter IQ Option?

The entry is made through a quick registration, which takes 20 seconds to fill.

To enter you must register using your email and a password.

You must also choose the currency you wish to trade.

You will receive an email to confirm your registration with IQ Option.

IQ Option Login and Download: How to download the IQ Option application?

To download IQ Option you can choose between two types of platforms.

You can download the IQ Option desktop application and trade directly on your computer, or if you prefer you can download one of the mobile applications.

There are 3 types of applications you can download to your mobile phone.

1. iOS App: It’s the application that runs on iPhones and iPads. This application does not offer all the tools that IQ Option has in its product portfolio, due to Apple enforcement reasons.

2. Android App: This app can be downloaded for Android mobile phones and tablets. Like the iOS app, it also doesn’t offer all the products and tools available in IQ Option.

3. PWA app: This app was released in mid-2019 and has some advantages over the other two apps.

The biggest advantage is that it runs on any mobile phone or tablet, be it Android or iOS, and allows you to use all the products and tools that IQ Option offers.

It is the most complete application. Plus, it doesn’t need any updates.

To download IQ Option iOS or Android apps, go to the respective stores and download.

Check here how to download applications safely.

If you want to download the IQ Option PWA app, you have to use the direct link there by clicking on the image below.

In my opinion, the PWA application is the best solution.

In the images below you have direct access to download IQ Option applications. Click on the image that will be directing you to download IQ Option.

IQ Option Login and Download 10
Android APP
IQ Option Login and Download 11
IQ Option Login and Download 12

IQ Option Login and Download: How do I log in to IQ Option?

You are able to log in into IQ Option using the email you used in the registration, and the password you chose at the same time.

Whenever you wish to log in to IQ Option, any application will always prompt you for your email address and password.

You can download several IQ Option applications and have them on different devices.

For example, you can have the desktop application for trading at home.

And when you’re away you can use the mobile application.

You can login to IQ Option on several applications at the same time.

The way to login will always be the same, whatever type of application you are using.

I Lost my IQ Option Password how to recover it?

If you can’t remember the password you chose, you can ask for a new password.

Click where you say you Forgot Password?

how to do if you forget the iq option password
How to do when you forget the IQ Option password

Write your email that was used to register in IQ Option

write your email to recover your password at IQ Option
How to reset your password in IQ Option

An email will be sent to your email

Check your email to recover your password at IQ Option
IQ Option password recovery

Open the sent email, in which you can redefine your password, as show in the image below

Reset your password at IQ Option
Redefine IQ Option password

In the meantime, if you remember the password, just ignore the email that the password will not be changed.

You can now log in into IQ Option and enter the platform.

IQ Option Trader Room

After a successful IQ Option log in you will enter the platform also known as IQ Option Trader Room, using a more technical language.

The IQ Option Trader Room is one of the simplest platforms to use and is designed to provide all the tools that a trader needs, but at the same time access to the tools is simple even for those who are just starting out.

When you enter IQ Option you have free access to a 10,000 USD training account which is basically a simulator of what the real trading environment is all about.

This IQ Option simulation or training account can be reloaded whenever we need it.

The IQ Option simulator is essentially for beginners to train and get to know the platform.

It is also useful when you are practicing a new product or testing a new trading strategy.

The video below teaches the basic of the IQ Option trader room

How does the IQ Option Trader Room work?

In the image below we see the IQ Option Trader Room, in this case the desktop application.

In the upper right corner we can see the value of 10,000 which is the training account.

Below we see the buy and sell buttons, which are the most used buttons, which are exactly for opening a trade.

In the case of the purchase they serve for operations where we think the price of the asset goes up.

In the case of sale, for when we think the price of the asset goes down.

In the top menu we have the various assets that we have open on the platform.

By clicking on any of these assets we will open the chart in the middle of the platform with the indication of the prices and with the configuration of indicators and the information of the open trades in this same asset (in case we have any open trade).

On the left side of the image, we have several menus and in the lower right corner, the 4 round buttons represent the different tools that exist in the platform that helps us to determine the evolution of prices.

The IQ Option platform is extensive and rich in features. We have prepared an article that covers the six main features that you will love.

Click image to see full resolution

Trader room iq option
Trader room iq option

On the IQ Option platform there are several video tutorials that teach how to use the trader room.

The ideal is to watch them all and look for specific courses for IQ Option.

In this blog we have courses that were developed for the IQ Option platform.


These courses not only teach how to use the platform, but they also teach the basic rules of a trader and all the discipline and emotional control that are fundamental to the success of online trading.

Summary of IQ Option Login and Download

In this article we saw how simple it is to enter because the registration is simple, fast and free.

I also explained how to login to IQ Option and retrieve the password in case you can’t remember.

You also learned that IQ Option has several applications and you can download them to mobile, tablet and desktop.

You already have an idea of how the IQ Option trader room / platform works.

You also know that you can practice in their simulator which is the training account.

Now comes the testing part.

I hope you have fun!

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FAQs Related to IQ Option Login and Download:

How to register and download the IQ Option app?

The registration process only takes about 1 minute, and it is very simple. After this process you can download the IQ Option App.
To a Quick and Free registration READ MORE HERE

What are the IQ Option Apps to mobile?

IQ Option offers 3 different types of Apps to mobile trading. All of them are official IQ Option Apps.
To know more about each one, and what best suits you, READ MORE HERE

How to Login on IQ Option?

The steps to login are simple. You just need to use the same credentials you use on the registration form.
If you want to know what are they READ MORE HERE

What is the IQ Option Trader Room?

The trader room it is the trading platform where all the magic takes place.
In order to know more about the trader room and understand how it works READ MORE HERE

How to Recover my Password?

If you lost your password, you will need to follow all the steps we explain on our tutorial.
Please follow instrctions that you can FIND HERE

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