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Refer a Friend – Earn up to 50% in Commissions

The idea for Refer a Friend arose because many people search a way to make money online with Binary Options or Forex, but many don’t have money to buy Online Training, Signals, Strategies or other Professional Tools we have.

And since the world is facing difficult times due to the economic crisis brought by COVID-19, I searched for a way to help all the people that contact me to get my tools but are unable to pay for them.

Since most of my tools are free to my referrals on the Brokers I work with, that is an easy way to access for Free to my tools.

But again, many people have already an account with a Broker, and for that reason are not allowed to access my tools without paying.

With the promotion Refer a Friend I give them the opportunity not only to get Free access to all the tools I have but also, to make money from the partnership I have with Brokers.

This is a fair way to help everyone, but also to get something in return since all my tools have costs to work.

This program allows me to pay all those costs and give them the possibility to offer them to all people.

Also, besides the fact that each one will be able to get my tools in order to learn how to be a trader and make its own profits from the financial market, it also gives them the possibility to get profits from other friends they refer to the program.

And besides that, they will give their friends the opportunity to also learn about the financial market and also make money from home trading on the main trading platforms in the world.

Since the Brokers I work with have online platforms that work both on a computer and mobile devices, anyone can download the platform and trade online from home or from any place they are, as long as they have an internet connection.

Refer a Friend Rules

1 – In order to participate in Refer a Friend and earn free access to my tools and even money by referring your friends, it is necessary to promote a unique referral link that will be created to each and one of the participants. For that, you need to contact me so I can make that link.

2 – Each friend you bring, I need to confirm his account before he makes the first deposit. Only after my confirmation, he is allowed to deposit.

3 – After my confirmation, he will need to make a deposit of any value in order to an active client. After the funds enter his account and I get the broker confirmation, you will get your tools.

4 – The payment of commissions for the Advanced and VIP levels will be made on the next month after he starts to trade his funds. For that, I will send an email with detail information on the value of your commissions.

5 – The payment of commissions for the Advanced and VIP levels will be made by Paypal, Skrill, Neteller or Bitcoin.

6 – Any abuse will be punished with exclusion from Refer a Friend and the retention of all unpaid commissions and the cancelation of any Free tools.

Refer a Friend – How it works:

1 – In order to understand how the Refer a Friend program works, please check the table below.

2 – The referral link for you to promote will be sent, together with an email explaining the tools I offer.

3 – All promotions available will be also offered to the friends you bring using your promotional link. On the email I will send, you will see the promotions and you can use the email information to help you promote your own link.

4 – You can promote the link in several places like your email contacts, social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc), Platforms like (Quora, Medium, Pinterest, Tumblr, Penzu, Bloglovin, WordPress, Blogger, etc.), any site or blog that you may have, or may access to.

5 – If you have a different idea or place to promote the link that is not on the list above, please ask me before using it, since some places are not allowed to promote the Brokers.

All values are in US dollars (USD)

If you have any questions about Refer a Friend, do not hesitate to contact me. See how to contact me on the Contacts page.

Refer a Friend – Earn up to 50% in Commissions 1Refer a Friend – Earn up to 50% in Commissions 2Refer a Friend – Earn up to 50% in Commissions 3Refer a Friend – Earn up to 50% in Commissions 4Refer a Friend – Earn up to 50% in Commissions 5Refer a Friend – Earn up to 50% in Commissions 6

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