What’s the IQ Option APK and why choose it over the others?

IQ Option offers several solutions for mobile trading. It includes the IQ Option APK, but also the standard app, APK, and PWA. Although all these apps feature more or less the same functionality, they are not equal. Today, we’ll be wrapping our heads around the APK app: what it does, how it’s different from other solutions, and how to use it for trading.

What’s APK technology?

APK stands for Android Package Kit. It is a file format used by Android to distribute and install apps. APK files work similarly to .exe files that you use to install a program on your computer. So, .APK is .EXE, but for mobile devices.

Android users are often unfamiliar with this technology because they normally don’t install things on their phones. Instead, they just download apps from Google Play. But what if an app that you need is not in the app store? This brings us to the next point.

Why use IQ Option’s APK?

Two words: binary options. Unfortunately, large app stores like Google Play ban binary options trading software because of the store’s policy. Given this fact, the standard IQ Option app available in Google Play can give you access to all the instruments (Forex, stocks, cryptos, commodities, etc.), but not binary options. This instrument is only accessible from desktop, but not from mobile devices. Which is a bummer. 

IQ Option overcomes this regulatory obstruction with the APK. It allows users to trade binary options on the go by downloading the app from the company’s website directly to their smartphones, skipping the app store and its restrictions.

How to download APK?

Go to the For Traders section on the IQ Option website from your Android device and click Download App. Next, click on the .apk version of the app.

IQ Option APK download
IQ Option APK download

Press Open or go to the Downloads folder and click on the installer file. Follow the system’s guidelines to complete the installation. 

If you have problems with this, you can also download the app to your computer and then install it onto your Android device. Unlike iOS users, Android gadgets’ owners can install files from different sources using the command-line software that lets you communicate your PC with the mobile device. 

Speaking of iOS users: another IQ Option’s mobile solution — Progressive Web App (PWA) — works in the same way, but for iOS devices. Even more so, it requires no downloading at all. 

To get the app, go to a special website and register or log in with your email and password. After that, the system will suggest you to add the PWA icon to your home screen. Click “Add to home screen” in your browser and enjoy the web app. 

IQ Option APK
IQ Option APK

Download PWA

IQ Option APK functionality

The APK app is a doppelganger of the standard IQ Option Android app. The only difference is that it facilitates binary options trading, bypassing the Google Play restrictions.  


With this app, you can trade:

  • Binary options 
  • Digital options
  • Forex 
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • ETFs 
  • Cryptos

The APK app also gives traders access to technical indicators, widgets, educational videos, news, calendars, multiple chart layout, support, and much more.  

Account types

The APK app features two account types: Practice and Real. You’ll be assigned with both types automatically after the registration. If you already have an IQ Option account, simply log in with your email and password.

The Practice account is charged with virtual $10,000. You can use it for training and enhancing your expertise. If you run out of the play money, you can replenish it anytime. There is no expiration date to it, so you can practice for as long as you need.

The Real account allows you to trade different assets in the real market, for real money. 

The minimum deposit amount starts from 10 USD. The minimum investment amount equals to as little as 1 USD.  

If you deposit 1,200-2,400 USD within a two-day period and trade actively, you might be in for a VIP account. It gives you some additional premium features, such as personal manager, monthly reports on your trading performance from the IQ Option analysts, higher profitability rates on options, free participation in tournaments, and exclusive educational materials  


IQ Option APK is a great in-house solution for those who want to trade binary options and other instruments from their Android device. 

You can download the app from the IQ Option website. .APK files work similarly to .exe files on desktop, so if you’ve ever installed a program on your computer, it won’t be difficult. After that, you’ll have access to the global markets from the comfort of your smartphone. 

What’s the IQ Option APK and why choose it over the others? 1What’s the IQ Option APK and why choose it over the others? 2What’s the IQ Option APK and why choose it over the others? 3What’s the IQ Option APK and why choose it over the others? 4What’s the IQ Option APK and why choose it over the others? 5What’s the IQ Option APK and why choose it over the others? 6

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