Binary Options Strategies

Binary Options Strategies

What are Binary Options strategies?

They are sets of indicators or rules that allow you to have a plan to negotiate with Binary Options. This allows finding patterns in the market that facilitates decision making at the time of putting the operation.

There are many different strategies, some work from the analysis of the charts with the help of technical indicators, others work with the help of the financial data and economic news.

Some work better in some market conditions.

Others simply don’t work at all.

In this post, you will learn some of the most used and common strategies used in Binary Options.

What are Binary Options?

The shortest Binary Options definition is to bet on the fall or rise of a price on financial assets with an expiration time.

Contrary to other markets, like Stocks, we do not buy an asset, but we only bet on the price value of the asset we are trading.

According to one of the most important investment websites:

Binary options offer market players a great way to trade in the direction of an asset or the overall market due to their all-or-nothing character. In addition to straightforward risk/reward profiles and defined risk, they can be used for shorter-term strategies due to hourly, daily or weekly contract expirations. in Investopedia

What is the best Binary Options strategy?

There is no number #1 strategy, the perfect one. There are a number of factors such as the day, type of asset, time, and even the trader’s profile that influence the results of a strategy. So all of this goes into the equation.

The best thing to do is to have several strategies, and understand how the market works, in order to choose the best one to the present market conditions and time od the day.

Test each strategy, and learn exactly in what conditions you should use it.

Where do I find strategies for Binary Options?

On this site, you will find several strategies to use in Binary Options. We also have courses that complement the strategies.

How Many Strategies Are There To Negotiate And Win With Binary Options?

There are lots of Binary Options Strategies.

Some are more technical and imply some time to learn, to read graphs and to understand one or another technical indicator, others are purely fundamental (connected to the market news) and they don’t imply understanding technical analysis.

I think most of the readers who will read this article are because they are beginners in Binary Options.

For this reason, I will only address some strategies, and try to explain as simple as possible. I see that some sites speak of dozens of strategies, using 3, 4 and 5 indicators for each.

I, being a trader for several years, I have difficulty understanding, I imagine someone who is a beginner in Binary Options …

Thus, the idea is to approach the main strategies of Binary Options in a simple way to understand and with few indicators, so that it is relatively easy for a beginner to understand and start practising.

If, after understanding how to negotiate, you want to move to more technical and complicated situations is up to you.

I am of the opinion that sometimes the simplest is what gives us better results, as long as we do it the right way.

Rule number one of the Binary Options Strategies – none of the Strategies that exist are infallible. Neither is bad… well, some are even more than bad, they are awful.

Each trader must try some, test and realize which one is best suited to him.

Usually, people like to test the Binary Options Strategies with demo accounts and then use real accounts.

Many websites advise you to always test yourself in Demo Accounts, and only after seeing results work with a real account.

I always test in Real Accounts, using as little value as possible.

I do so because when we test in Demo we are not afraid to lose because there is no real money involved, so we end up making decisions that will be different when we do it in real mode.

Therefore, many traders have good results in Demo and then in Real Accounts that does not happen.

However, both situations (test in Real Account or Demo Account) have their advantages and disadvantages. It should be you choosing the best method to learn.

When choosing a strategy you should exploit it to the fullest to become an expert and be able to make money.

It is important to realize that there are days when a certain strategy does not work because the market is not acting in a coherent way.

These days it is better not to negotiate. Normally after 3 missed deals, the ideal is to stop and return the next day.

If the situation repeats, you should try another asset or use a different type of time interval that you were using with this binary options strategy.

Binary Options Strategies
Binary Options Strategies

Check the best and most used Trading Strategies:

Below you can find some of the most used Binary Options Strategies.

Make money at IQ Option:

This strategy was developed by me when trading on the IQ Option platform.

It is a strategy that works for 2 minute expiration time, and one of my favorite strategies to trade Turbo Options or 60 second Options.

It is one of the strategies that are offered to our students or referral.

It is simple to set up on the platform and very effective. It can be used with Martingale.

Learn more about the Strategy ITM.

Simple Strategy

This Simple strategy works with few indicators and suitable for beginners who are still learning.

It is the ideal strategy to start with because it is really simple to apply. It’s free for everyone, just download and use.

Learn more about the Simple Strategy

News Trading Strategy

News Trading Strategy or also called a fundamental strategy is a very old type of Strategy used in all other markets such as Forex or Stock Exchange.

For many traders, it is a simple and very practical way to trade and make significant profits.

Learn more about the News Trading Strategy

Support and Resistance Strategy

The support and resistance strategy is very used in the Forex and Stock markets with very interesting results.

There are several automated trading systems (algorithmic trading) that are developed using the support and resistance strategy as their trading basis.

Learn more about the Support and Resistance Strategy

Trend Following Strategy

The Trend Following is probably the strategy with the most followers or at least one of the most followed in binary options.

The trend-following strategy is so widely used because it’s very easy to understand and put into practice, and above all, it does not involve the analyses of many indicators and charts.

Learn more about Trend Following Strategy

binary options market trends
binary options market trends

60 Seconds Strategy

At the risk of going against what most binary options websites and blogs claim, I say the 60 Seconds Strategy does not exist.

What exists is a binary options type of trade, using existing strategies, with a very short time interval. 60 seconds is just one of the formats available for this financial instrument.

Learn more about 60 Seconds Strategy

In addition to the binary options strategies, it is necessary to have other knowledge to be able to have consistent results in this market.

It is fundamental to learn rules, to learn to have discipline, to have emotional control, in addition to all the technical knowledge in reading the graphs and indicators.

Only the right knowledge leaves a trader ready to make money consistently and durably.

Only with a strategy, even if it is the best strategy in the world, I bet he will not be a successful trader.

To learn more about courses that teach everything that is needed (up to 6 strategies, rules, discipline, and emotional control).

If you have any questions or suggestions about Binary Options Strategies do not hesitate to comment or contact me.

Binary Options Strategies: Conclusion

In addition to binary options strategies, other knowledge is required to have consistent results in this market.

It is essential to learn rules, to have discipline, to have emotional control, in addition to all the technical knowledge in reading the charts and indicators.

Only the set of all this knowledge leaves a trader ready to make money in a consistent and lasting way.

Only with one strategy, even if it’s the best strategy in the world, I bet you won’t be a successful trader.

Here is a summary of Binary Options strategies:

  1. There are thousands of Binary Options strategies.
  2. None of the Binary Options strategies is infallible.
  3. Any strategy has its settings and rules, you have to respect the strategy for it to work.
  4. Each strategy works best in certain situations and market times, use it only in these situations.
  5. If you see that you are losing with your strategy, don’t insist, stop and try again another day.
  6. You must have several Binary Options strategies in order to use the best one depending on how the market is.
  7. When you use a graphical analysis strategy, you should always be aware of the important financial news coming out.

What are Binary Options Strategies?

It is a list of rules and indicators that works as a guide when you are negotiating in Binary Options. READ MORE HERE.

What is the Number #1 Strategy, the Perfect One?

Factors such as the day, hour, the asset and much more influence is the strategies, therefore there is no such thing as a perfect strategy. READ MORE HERE.

How Many Strategies Exist?

There is, literally, hundreds of them. Some are more technical, others purely fundamental. READ MORE HERE.

Can I Have Some of the Most used Trading Strategies?

Yes, here you have a brief list of the best Trading Strategies. READ MORE HERE.

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