FlokiCoke: The Token With Reflection and Soft Drink

Meet FlokiCoke, the token with Reflection that runs in Binance Smart Chain and wants to join the meme power with a real asset.


What is FlokiCoke?

$FlokiCoke is one of the first Floki meme projects to work together with coke (a soda beverage) manufacturer to produce coke.

By having a real and tangible asset (the drinking product), they want to separate from the only-meme-tokens and aim to revolutionize the decentralized world.

This real asset will generate real profits for investors. The profits from the sales, together with NFT sales will be used to buy back the tokens, to further boost the price.

And we all know how much people love a refreshing soft drink.

Moreover, the idea behind the drink is to merge more and more digital assets with the real world. The overarching goal of $FlokiCoke is to assist with the mass adoption of cryptocurrency by increasing its appearance in mainstream media.

FlokiCoke aims to be the most-known and most-used cryptocurrency in the soft drink industry.

It runs on the Binance Smart Chain and does that to keep the transaction fees much lower and the time for transactions higher, when compared with the Ethereum network. $Flokicoke plans to fully integrate with the Binance DApp Ecosystem.

The developers mention that the community is the cornerstone of the project. They are the number one value of the whole Ecosystem.

NFTs will also be part of this ecosystem. They will be connected to anything related to FlokiCoke.


To ensure the project keeps viable and attractive the token allocation is presented publicly.

The tokenomics of the token are as follows:

  • 18% will be reserved for Liquidity and they are locked
  • 26% will be fixed for the presale
  • 50% will be reserved for burning
  • 6% will be directed to promotional actions

Important to note that the entire amount of FlokiCoke token burnt will be accessible to everyone to check, allowing for more transparency and vital to determine the right amount of supply in circulation at any given moment.

Every time there is a buy or a sell, a special tax is applied.

In the case of buying, the tax distribution is:

2% of tax will be distributed to holders as a reflection.

4% will be fixed for the marketing.

6% will be reserved for the buyback

buy tax - flokicoke
buy tax

The tax distribution in case of a sell is:

7% of tax will be distributed to Holders as a reflection.

4% will be for marketing

7% will be reserved for the buyback.

sell tax FlokiCoke
sell tax

Above we mention reflection. With reflection, the investors/holder receive extra FlokiCoke tokens directly in their wallets These reflections come from the tax that other investors pay during their transactions.

If you don’t know the reflection concept, read more about reflection in our article.

As stated, there is an auto-buyback function built-in in the smart contract. As the name implies, it automatically buys back and burns a defined amount of FlokiCoke whenever someone buys/sells their tokens.

Twenty-six percent of the overall tokens have been set aside for presale.

PlatformBinance Smart Chain
Type BEP-20
Total Supply1,000,000,000,000,000
Contract Address 0xb04Abb901A47A03A44533b80Fa02434440FC4fC3
Presale rate1 BNB = 430,000,000,000.

 A soft cap has been set at 300BNB with a hard cap at 600BNB. The initial market cap is estimated at $630,806. FlokiCoke will be listed on PancakeSwap and you can buy them with BNB.

The official contract address is 0xb04Abb901A47A03A44533b80Fa02434440FC4fC3.

FlokiCoke Marketing

As you’ve read earlier, the developers are aware of the importance of marketing, since 4% of every transaction – whether sell or buy – will be used directly for marketing purposes.

flokicoke to the moon
coke in the moon

And that means the marketing budget will continue to grow. With that, it will be possible to boost the brand awareness as it’s meant. Another objective with marketing will be targeting new investors.

FlokiCoke Whitelist Competition

Does this project sound good?

If so, and if you really don’t want to miss out the project, make sure you get your whitelist spot by clicking the Whitelist Page on Gleam.io

 The whitelist competition will take place on December 18th.

Why to take part on the FlokiCoke adventure?

If the points we’ve addressed earlier are not enough – the existence of a tangible asset and strong tokenomics – please be attentive to the following:

  • Contract audited

FlokiCoke’s contract was audited by Interfi.network, an independent third-party smart contract auditing company. The outcome of the source code of the smart contract was a low-risk severity which means They passed the audit with flying colors. You can check all about the audit on the Interfi Official Page.

  • KYC verified

Interfi.network, the same independent third-party smart contract auditing company, also verified the identities of the team and has granted a KYC certificate to $FlokiCoke.

  • Anti-Dump contract design

If you pay attention, the sell tax is much higher than the buy tax on $FlokiCoke. Holders will receive reflections from every transaction and will benefit from times of high volume and volatility. This system encourages the “Diamond Hand” strategy and helps us attract long-term investors.

Road Map

Every project needs a road map, and all the good projects must have a great and viable road map.

We advise checking up on the project’s road map. At the time of writing, we are in phase 1 of 3. And we can already pinpoint some future installs that would be very interesting.

One of them, in phase 2, the partnership with regional Coke Enterprise will begin. That means that the tangible asset will be manufactured and delivered to generate more profit.

the roadmap

In phase 3, FlokiCoke will be listed in the top 10 DEX, putting it under the biggest spotlights available.

At the same time, the global coke brand will be established, taking the brand to higher ground.

After that, the next steps of the roadmap are non-existing at the moment, and it’s up to the top 50 holders to vote on the direction of the project. That is a very interesting detail because it means the developers are putting a good amount of future decisions into the hands of the community.

Conclusion: Why FlokiCoke might be an interesting project?

No doubt we have been seeing some meme tokens skyrocketing in the last months. The popularity of meme tokens has allowed a new type of parallel economy to grow in the crypto world.

FlokiCoke wants to take that power and together with a real asset – the coke beverage – fuel the gas (pun intended) in order to jump to the moon. That is maybe why their future soda has written moon flavor on the can.

The project ticks many of the right boxes: reflection, security, a real asset, scalability, community-focused, decentralized BEP-20 smart contract that seems well laid out.

We will be waiting for December 18th to arrive.

In the meantime, check out the cool floki enjoying his soda and the sun.

If you want to know more about the project:



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Do conduct your own due diligence and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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