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Make Money Robot


The Make Money Robot is an automatic robot.

This robot works with free licenses. According to Make Money Robot the licenses are limited. According to their explanation, the licenses are limited because they’re expanding the servers as needed with the registration of new users.

This binary options trading software received an update in 2015 which made it even more effective than it was before.

How does Make Money Robot work?

– The system is a technical and mathematical algorithm that analyzes financial market trends.

– After it analyzes the trends it places Put or Call orders (rising or falling) for the assets.

– These signals are placed on the platform directly by Make Money Robot.

– Make Money Robot places orders several times a day which allows a user to have multiple orders per day, and as such enhances the daily profits.

– The software is free and the license is offered free of charge.

– To use the system you only have to open an account through their official website Make Money Robot.

– Once you have the system up and running, you just have to decide on the value of each order and how much risk you want to take. The level of risk has to do with the number of orders and consequently with a greater or lesser likelihood of the orders to make a profit or not. If you use less risk only the orders that they consider safer to finish with a profit will be placed.

– From here you start its operation and it will work automatically in your account.


Some important changes were recently made to the Robot that are important to be aware of.

The system works with binary options with medium to long expiration times.

In addition to the choice of risk level, you can now choose which assets you want to use and which you don’t want to use. So, you can test multiple assets, analyze the best and only work with those that offer better results.

The values per trade now range from $25 to $200.

Advice for using the Make Money Robot:

According to the data from the company that developed the system, the rate of orders with profits is higher than 80%.

Like I always explain in all posts, even the best system, or the best strategy has days that it does not work, as there are hours that are best for results and assets that work better than others. What you should do to boost profits is to test the Make Money Robot at different hours of the day and analyze the results its getting with each of the assets. Based on this analysis you can set the Robot with only the best assets, and at the best times of the day. This way you increase the potential and obtain better results at the end of the month.


We have an exclusive offer for our readers. When you open an account on Make Money Robot using the link from the blog you will receive 2 risk-free trades (25 USD each one). This means that the first two trades with losses will be free. This way you can test some orders and verify for yourself the Robot’s results, knowing that you will have no risk of losing. To obtain the exclusive offer open an account with the following link: Make Money RobotIn addition to the promotion, also request the Trading Guide for Automatic Systems, exclusively for our readers. Before deposit please contact me to get the promotion.

Another important piece of advice is to trade low values until you have confidence and learn how to apply risk management. Sometimes when we profit on some trades early on, we become too confident and start to trade very high values for the total value of the account that we have, then in 3 or 4 trades with losses we can jeopardize the profit we already made.

The information I have about the Make Money Robot is that it does work, and since the early 2015 updates it offers more consistent results.

If you decide to try the Robot, before depositing ask me by email or Skype (see contacts) to send you a Trading Guide for Automatic Systems. This short guide has a set of rules and advice that will help you use the Robot in the beginning. Even when trading with automated systems it is very important to comply with some rules that can be the difference between success and failure. Please contact me BEFORE making the deposit, because sometimes the link that is used is not mine. The guide is FREE to anyone who signs up using the link from the blog.

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