Currently, IQ Option is one of the leading brokers. Its platform is considered by many to be the best platform in the market.

Even if the Signals we refer to in this post can work with other Brokers, the strategy behind the signals is from the IQ Option platform and its indicators.

Also, since the expiration time on IQ Option, works differently from other brokers, the 5 minute expiration time works better on this platform since you will use not a fixed 5-minute expiration, but a 5-minute candle (this will be explained below).

So, if you test the signals and you don’t get the results you expect, please try with a free Demo account on IQ Option to see if you see any differences.

You can open a demo account by clicking on the banner below.

Broker IQ Option
ProductIQ Option Signals
Expiration Time5 minutes
 Daily Signals✅ – Every day
Signals per DayAverage of 10 to 20
Support TypesTelegram, WhatsApp
Available onTelegram
Price✅ – FREE
Wining Rate75%
LanguagesEnglish, Portuguese
Overall Score90/100
Signal RegistrationREGISTER TO SIGNALS
IQ Option Signals
IQ Option Signals

IQ Option Signals for Binary Options:

I will be talking of different Binary Options Signals to IQ Option.

In this post, there are 2 systems available.

A Free IQ Option Signals from a Telegram Channel. Those Signals have 5 minute expiration time.

We used IQ Option platform to perform our strategies videos
Binary Options up to 100% profit at IQ Option

Since we are talking about a Free Trading Tool to IQ Option, we have a limited offer that may interest YOU:


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And a paid / free IQ Option Signals by Email and Android App for 30 minute expiration time.

Let’s take a look at both systems:

IQ Option Signals for 5 Minutes

This is a new Binary Options Signal system. To start, the signals have 5 minute expiration time, which means that you have less time to pick the signal, analyze it and decide to use it or not.

Another different thing with this signal is that it comes from a Telegram Channel.

It has become very frequent the use of a Telegram Channel to send Signal, for Forex and Binary Options.

This same channel also sends Forex Signals, meaning that you will receive both Binary and Forex Signals.

For now, the Signals from that Channel are free.


One of the most used ways these days to send Binary Options Signals is via Telegram Channels. Clicking on the image, you can find a link to one of the Channels that offer Free Signals to IQ Option.

Remember that you should analyze the signals received before placing them and that the responsibility for using the signals is yours, so you should always use the signals wisely.

Let’s see an example with a Signal and explain how it works:

telegram signals example
telegram signals example

Name: Since this channel can send also Forex Signals, the name identifies the type of signal, in this case, it is Binary, for 5 minutes expiration time.

Symbol: It will normally be Forex Pairs, and in the end, it will have .cbo (this also means it is Binary Signals.) In the case of just a symbol, like this: EURUSD it would be a Forex Signals. If EURUSD.cbo a Binary Options Signal.

Type: Sell is for a PUT (Price going Down) or Buy is for a CALL (price going up).

Price: That is the price of the asset when the signal was made, also called the Strike Price. Ideally, we should trade with that price. If it is a Sell we would enter in a price similar or above / higher the price of the Signal.
If it is a Buy, we would enter the trade at a price similar or smaller than the Price of the Signal.

Time: That time has no interest, that is just the reference of the server. You are probably in a different time zone, so, IGNORE TIME. Just focus on getting the Signal as fast as you can, analyze it and use it (if you want). You should leave the notifications on for this Telegram Channel, maybe even with a different sound, to know when a Signal comes.

For more help, remember that the Channel also has a Support Group on Telegram, you can join the Group to get more help with your doubts. Click on the link below to access.

Support Group for Signals on Telegram

IQ Option Signals: 5 minutes expiration time FAQS:

How many Signals Per Day?

It depends on the market and its conditions. In one day you can have just 1 or 2, as you can have 10 or 20 IQ Option Signals.

At what time I can get a Signal?

The system works from Sunday 22h GTM to Friday 22h GTM. So you can get a signal at any time between Sunday and Friday.
And since those signals work for 5 minute expiration time, you can get it every 5 minutes (example: 2h05, 2h10, 21h25, etc, etc)

The Signal comes with a time, that time is different from my time, what do I do?

Each signal shows the time of the server from where the signal is sent. Example (Time: 2020.06.23 15:20).
That time IS NOT IMPORTANT. The only thing you need to focus on is when it arrives on the Telegram. Once it arrives you need to check the strike price (and all the other verifications, as it is explained in the video below).
So, if you just see a signal that arrived now, showing Time: 2020.06.23 15:20 but your LOCAL TIME is 18:20 that is NOT IMPORTANT.
Matters only to have the notifications on, to see each signal arriving and then analyze it and placing it in case you decide to use it.

How I Set Up the Expiration Time on my Account?

Since these Binary Options Signals work for 5 minutes, you should try to set an expiration time up to 5 minutes.
Some Brokers will allow you to set up a fixed 5-minute expiration.
Others, like IQ Option, will give you the end of the 5-minute candle, which means that the signal will be for 4 minutes and some seconds (since it takes at least 30 seconds for the signal to arrive and to be checked by you).
In this case, the best solution would be to use a broker that allows you to set the end of the 5-minute candle and not 5 minutes fixed trade.

What is the accuracy of those Binary Options Signals?

It can vary a lot from day to day and from person to person. This is because the real winning factor is how you analyze the Signal (please watch the video below) and if you place it right, respecting the strike price, expiration time, etc.

If I lose the signal can I use Martingale?

The use of martingale is up to you, but in normal conditions, on the market, there are not more than 3 or 4 losses in a row, and for that people do use martingale.
You need to understand how Martingale works, and its risks. MORE INFO HERE.

How can I improve the results of the Signals?

By learning how to read the market conditions, and the charts. Since we also offer FREE Binary Options Course, it is up to you to learn and improve your skills for FREE.
If you want to learn CLICK TO ACCESS TRAINING.

Is there a way to know when a Signal will be Sent?

The signals are sent upon an analysis of the market and the charts. It is not a guess of what the market may do, for that reason, and since no one, has a magic ball to guess what the market will be doing in the future, the only possible way is to see the market evolution and act fast, sending the signal as fast as possible.

Watch the Video that explains how to analyze the Signals. The rules explained apply to all types of Signals (5 minutes and 30 minutes).

YouTube video

IQ Option Signals for 30 Minutes Expiration Time:

These Signals work for Binary Options with 30 minute expiration time and they are sent by email or Android App.

Those signals are paid ($ 9.99 per month).

  1. Average of 30 signals per day
  2. Wining rate of 75%
  3. 30 minutes expiration time
  4. Get the signals by Telegram
  5. Up to 1 year for FREE (in case of being referral at IQ Option)
  6. Easy to use and to understand

2020 Update to 30 minute Signals

There was a new and important 2020 update that will change some things about those Signals from now on:

  • The Signals will be sent both from manual trading, as from Bot (since both Signals arrive on the same conditions, you won’t know the difference between a manual or an automatic one).
  • Because of that, the average daily signals from 7 to 10.
  • Also, the winning rate is expected to improve to 75% (do not forget that each signal must be verified and analyzed by the user to be choose only the best ones).
  • Since the winning rate increased, our tests show that it is not frequent to get 3 losses in a row, that said, you to use Martingale in case of a loss. Read the article about Martingale to understand its risks.
  • Don’t forget to see our videos that explain how to make the previous check on the signal before decide to use the Signal or not.

Until 2020 the 30 minute IQ Option Signals were sent by email or with the App Android – Signals & Robots. From 2020 the IQ Option Signals are sent only by Telegram.

After receiving the IQ Option signals, the user places the trade in their IQ Option account.

It is always important to make a quick verification of the signal. In the video below we teach some tips to know how to analyze a signal and then decide to use it or not.

Remember that you need to take the decision on use it or not, and for that you need to understand the market and know how to read the charts to be able to make the verification before using the signal.

IQ Option Signals have all the information you need to place a trade on your account.

The signal contains the information on whether the trade is Up/Call or Down/Put, the stock pair, the expiration time, and at what price to enter.

All the work is done, you just need to follow the instructions and place the trade in your account.

Click on the image to see an example of an IQ Option Signals email.

Watch the video below that explains how IQ Option Signals work

YouTube video

IQ Option Signals: How do they work?

To use the IQ Option Signals you need two things:

1) An account at IQ Option

To use the signals, you must have an IQ Option account.

If you don’t have an account you should open one, even if it’s just a demo account, so that you can test and use the signals.

Click on the banner below to open a demo or real account, whichever you prefer.

If you already have an account, just pick one of the Signals systems we have here, or simply search for another Signal system.

2) Subscribe to the IQ Option Signals

Once you have an account (the one you already had or one you opened now), you can subscribe to the IQ Option Signals.

To use the Telegram Channel and the IQ Option Signals for 5 minutes, just click on the image above.

To register on the IQ Option Signals for 30 minutes just ask the support to be added to the IQ Option signals VIP Telegram group.

You can also try both systems to see what you prefer.

It is wise to test the signals in a demo account, before using them in a real account.

IQ Option Signals: Why IQ Option?

Because IQ Option is one of the leading brokers in the market, it is regulated, and it is available in more than 200 countries.

In addition, the IQ Option platform is the most complete in terms of indicators so we can do a quick and efficient analysis of the signal before we decide to place the signal in our IQ Option account. Watch how to correctly analyze a signal in this VIDEO.

Another reason is that you can open a demo account and test the signals without having to make a deposit.

In addition, the minimum deposit is an advantage, allowing deposits of values starting at $10.

Signals IQ Option: Some advice

We must place the trades as soon as possible, from the moment we receive the signal by telegram, email, or in the App.

Another important point is the Strike Price. This is the entry price. In a PUT (down) trade I am interested in entering above this entry price.

In a CALL (up) trade I am interested in entering as low as possible, if below the strike price, even better.

If you lose a Signal you can use Martingale and double the value of the previous trade. But remember that Martingale is a method with more risks.

IQ Option Signals have an expiration time of 30 minutes or 5 minutes.

With the 30 minute expiration time, the user has more time to receive the notification of the signal and calmly place the trade in your account.

With the 5 minute expiration time, you need to act fast to have time to use that signal.

Signals IQ Option: Costs

As I explained above Telegram is totally free for now.

The Email/App Signals with signals for 30 minutes expiration times are free for referrals.

You can use them in a demo or real accounts, however, you prefer. Some promotions offer the signals for up to 1 year without paying.

The prices are 4,99 for the initial trial (2 weeks) and then $39,99 monthly, this is for the 30 minutes expiration time.

Frequent Asked Questions:

  1. After registration, when do I start to receive the signals? Immediately after. You will receive the next signal that is sent. It can take 1 minute or 1 day, the system determines the entries and you never know when it will find a signal. Just wait and be alert to the notification.

  2. Are there signals for multiple expiration times? No, all signals are for 30-minute expiration times in one system and to 5 minutes on the other system.

  3. How many signals will receive per day? The amount of IQ Option Signals will vary depending on the day. Some days may not have any signals and others may have 10 or more.

  4. The signal time zone is different from my time zone, what do I do? Don’t worry about the time zone, just be alert to receive the signal via email or the app or telegram, and place it quickly.

  5. The signal arrived but it was closed, should I place it later? No. There may be signals on assets that are not open at that moment at the broker IQ Option.
    The system does not control this because it seeks entries 24 hours a day as long as the market is open. The broker can choose to close an asset at certain times, there is no way to place the signal, you should just wait for the next one.

Although past profitability does not guarantee future profitability, the truth is that these signals have been working. The success rate has been around 75% (provided you follow the tips on how to analyze the signals – see the video below).

The video below is very important because I teach how to analyze the signals before placing them. With this analysis you will be able to improve your results with signals, it will allow you to enter the best ones, and thus further boost your profits.

YouTube video

I recommend that you watch other videos about IQ Option signals below.

What are the IQ Option Signals?

IQ Option Signals are Binary Options signals with an expiration time of 30 minutes or 5 minutes, that are sent by Telegram, email, or android app. The signals information include the asset to trade, the direction of the trade, and the price target to open the trade.

How many Signals are sent on average?

On a normal day, we will send an average of 10 signals. But since it depends on the market conditions, some days we can have 20, as others we can have 1 or 2.

How can I subscribe to the IQ Option Signals?

You need to register and subscribe to the site for the 30-minute signals or to subscribe to the Telegram Channel for the 5 minutes Signals. The registration and the process are simple and easy. It will take a couple of minutes to finish the process. At any time you can cancel the signals without any costs or questions.

How can I get free Signals for up to 1 year?

We have several promotions that you can access and get Signals for up to 1 year for free. And even after 1 year you can always renew the promotion and keep getting the signals free of charge.

What is the winning rate of the Signals?

If you follow all our indications and advice that you can see on the videos published, you can get up to 75% of the winning rate. But you must watch the videos and use the signals as we teach on those videos.

Mini Training on How to Use IQ Option Signals

Learn to analise our signals to make even more accurate.If you make a small analisys before using it, you will learn to chose only the best IQ Option Signals.

YouTube video
Best IQ Option SIGNALS! Learn how to use our Signals!

This video refers to our own service, IQ Option Signals. With it, you will understand easily how our Signals work. It is crucial to analyze the signals we se…

YouTube video

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4.7 average based on 93 reviews.

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