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Binary Options is a financial instrument that mixes various markets into one. It offers simplicity in the negotiations and potentially high profits.
A Binary Option is a bet on the price of an asset. It bets if its price will go Up or Down using an expiration time that we choose (from 1 minute to 1 month).
The category Binary Options includes many articles related to the market, such as reviews, strategies, training, signals, etc.
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trend following

Trend Following Strategy

The Trend Following is probably the strategy with the most followers or at least one of the most followed in binary options. Learn with is that with our article that will guide you. Trend Following – When following the trend is sometimes the best option. The trend-following strategy is so widely used because it’s very …

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binrobot lady

BinRobot Lady

BinRobot Lady is another Binary Options robot that uses a well-known robot platform that supplies software for several other robots in the market, such as OptionRobot. We will explain it as we use a real account. BinRobot Lady – Who said that women take all our money? The first question that you may ask is: …

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optionrobot trade


OptionRobot is another robot for binary options with some interesting points. One of them is that it can be tested. Yes, you can have a demo account for however long you want in order to test the various parameters to find the best setup. Keep on reading to know all the details! OptionRobot, the robot …

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Binary Options Robot is a trading tool that trades 100% automatically in your account. Is that safe? Is that profitable? Learn here. BinaryOptionRobot Although it has the same name as another robot, the Binary Option Robot that has been reviewed on this blog, the BinaryOptionRobot is a totally different robot from the other one. But in …

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Binary Options Robots

Binary Options Robots

If you don’t have the time, nor the will to learn how to manually trade, Binary Options Robots can be a good help to traders to make profits. You will understand here what are they and how do they work. And where you can get Free Bots. What are binary options Robots? Normally a trader …

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60 seconds vs 120 seconds

60 Seconds vs 120 Seconds

Is there a BIG difference when trading 60 seconds vs 120 seconds? Well, it is just a 1-minute difference between them… The short answer is: YES there are very big differences in using 60 or 120 seconds expiration times. We explain in this post. 60 seconds vs 120 seconds – The strategy When I give …

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man smiling while trading in MT4

Forex Signals

Forex signals are a type of tool widely used by those who trade in the foreign exchange market. In this article I will explain what they are and how they work, and some types of signals that exist. Forex Signals The offer of Forex Signals is high and we can find this type of services …

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