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BinRobot Lady is another Binary Options robot that uses a well-known robot platform that supplies software for several other robots in the market, such as OptionRobot.

We will explain it as we use a real account.

BinRobot Lady – Who said that women take all our money?

binrobot lady

The first question that you may ask is:

So if the BinRobot Lady platform is the same as the other robots, what is the point of one more robot? And why should I try it if this one is the same as the others?

The answer is simple. The basic software is the same, but the configurations and the setups available in the robot are not the same. It’s the same as thinking that all the Forex robots that use Metatrader 4 (MT4) are all the same. Or thinking that all the brokers that use the SpotOption platform are the same.

Therefore, even if the underlying software is the same, each robot configures the algorithm in the manner they think is best, thus the results obtained from the BinRobot Lady robot are not the same as the results obtained from OptionRobot or others that use the same underlying software platform.

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Now that we understand the reason for the similarities of the BinRobot Lady and other robots that are already available, let’s analyze the robot.

The BinRobot Lady robot does not belong to any broker. It works with various brokers and we can choose the one we like the most from the active brokers’ list, which can be only 1 or several and can also change over time.

BinRobot Lady is free. It does not require a license and has no fees. You simply register with the robot and then you can test it without making a deposit. Just select one of the brokers that work in your country and open a demo account to test the robot. One of the interesting things that we noticed with this robot, in comparison with the ones we already tested, is that we did not see a great difference between the demo account and the real money account.

In the demo account, we had both losing and winning trades, and in the real money account, it was the same. In the past, we tested other robots, where the demo account had gains of almost 100% with any setup and later the real money account was very different.

The similarity that we found in the tests in the demo account and later in the real money account is an advantage for anyone interested in testing because there is a better chance that a good setup in the demo account will also be good in the real money account. The Setup that was most successful in the demo account was also the one that had the best results in the real money account. (We can provide this setup by email to our affiliates, free of charge).

BinRobot Lady – Configurations:

– BinRobot Lady offers a list of several brokers, although not all may work in your country. You can choose from among those that are available in your country.

– The trade expiration times vary between a minimum of 1 minute up to a maximum of 5 minutes. The available expiration times may vary from broker to broker. In addition, at certain times of the day, there may be fewer expiration times available, especially at night. This also results in fewer signals given by BinRobot Lady at certain times of the day.

See the video (with subtitles) of Our REAL Account at BinRobot Lady

– Currencies are the only available assets. As you can see in the image above, there are 8 currency pairs available. As would be expected, they are the most used pairs by other robots and traders in general as well.

– BinRobot Lady has 6 different indicators (see image above) that can be used individually or combined with each other. That is, there are lots of possible combinations of indicators, expiration times, and currency pairs.

– In addition to BinRobot Lady working 100% in automatic mode, it also has a semi-automatic mode available. It offers signals that we can view and analyze, and then decide if we want to place the trade. This means more control over our trades. For those who know technical analysis, it ends up being a great help, because it does the work of the analysis and we just have to confirm that we intend to place the trade that the robot signaled. To do this, simply click the PUT or CALL buttons in the column “Manual Trade” (see image below).

binrobot lady signals

– BinRobot Lady also offers a few types of possible setups. They publish a list with the setups that have had the best results. We tested some of these setups, and we didn’t think they were very good, we prefer to use ours.

binrobot lady setups

BinRobot Lady – Conclusion:

Since BinRobot Lady allows testing without depositing and without any commitment, I think it’s worth trying. My conclusion is that not having any associated risk, one should test it.

Opening an account with BinRobot Lady is super-fast and simple. Its use and configuration are very simple and easy to understand.

As I explained earlier, the results of the demo account only serve to understand how the robot works. You can only really know how it works and what profits you may achieve in a real money account.

If you want to have a real-money account, be sure to view the tips I teach in the video where I traded in my real account. Even an automated system should follow some rules because there are always risks.

BinRobot Lady is the new robot. See our profits in the REAL MONEY account. Receive our setups. Test in Demo mode now. Totally free!

Some Brokers, such as IQ Option, don’t allow Robots but Signals. A signal works also like a robot, but it only gives you information about the trade. Then you need to put manually the trade on your account. If your broker does not allow Binary Options Robots or if you prefer Signals Check the offers we have to Binary Options Signals.


Many people are looking for Robots both automatic and semi-automatic. Although some have better results than others, my opinion is that the ideal is for you to learn to trade. As I have stated many times, nobody cares as much about your account as you do.

In the medium to long term, I believe that a trader with some knowledge, discipline and a good strategy can achieve better results than the vast majority of Robots. With half an hour a day to trade, you can achieve very positive results.

See the actual results that my students are achieving with my free Course. Those who don’t have the time to or the interest in learning should try out a Robot, otherwise, you can choose to learn.

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