How Does IQ Option Work

how does iq option work

How Does IQ Option Work

Have you seen an advertisement about an application where you can make money using your mobile? But you don’t understand what it is. And you’d like to know more, how does IQ Option work and how you can make money? Read more in this article!

You’ve probably heard about IQ Option, the Binary Options giant with many advertisements over the internet, this company offers several types of operations to its users but it’s the very well-developed platform is undoubtedly their business card, which has made the brand grow exponentially in recent years with its modern and utterly user-friendly interface.

This article will show you how does IQ Option work and clear the main doubts of beginners, so stay with us and you will even see a step by step to access the platform:

how does iq option work
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5 steps to understand how does IQ Option work

First Step

You have just registered, and your account is done, at this moment you will be directed to the IQ Option page to start using and better understand how does IQ Option work and how the trading platform works, which is the most important tool.

Second Step

When you continue on the page, just click on “binary options”, then you can choose an asset to be operate and start your operations (for beginners we recommend it to be in the simulation account).

In a few moments, you will be able to start your journey as a successful trader. As much is said on the internet, if you still have any questions about the reliability of IQ Option, click to know if it is reliable.

Right next to the asset options, you’ll see the profit percentage if your operation has been successful. The amount to be received varies with each operation and this amount varies according to the investment market, usually around 75% to 100% of the capital invested.

Be sure to also see how to use the IQ Option application to make your trading sessions more comfortable and practical.

Third Step

If you have already done all the previous steps regarding the operation of the IQ Option, it is time to decide the expiration time of your operations. You can use shorter times, such as 1, 2 or 5 minutes, or longer ones such as 1 hour or even 1 day.

The shorter periods allow you to operate more. Therefore, it makes more sense to use them if you are a beginner and your objective is to train as much as you can.

Fourth Step

In this fourth step, the investor will decide the amount of capital to be invested to know how does IQ Option work. The values can be varied according to the financial capacity and the will of each investor, starting from $ 1.00, each user defines what suits him best.

Fifth Step

After having completed all the previous steps, it is time to indicate on the platform the future price of the chosen asset, that is, the user indicates in the platform where he believes the price of a certain asset will go.

how does iq option work 2
how does iq option work

If the user believes that the price will go up, he must click on the green “BUY” button, while if the user believes that the price will go down, he must click on the “SELL” button. With time you will see that the trading options are practically unlimited for a creative and experienced trader.

Just follow these steps and wait for your trading success, profiting in the market with the beautiful IQ Option platform.

For all to work nicely, it’s essential that the user also knows how to use the IQ Option software as it allows more freedom to perform the same trades. If you get your operations right, whether high or low prices, you will receive the profit expected at the beginning of the operation, which usually varies between 75% and 100% of the amount invested depending on the asset.

If your operations are not successful you will unfortunately lose the amount invested and will not receive anything for these operations. This way of trading may seem to beginners in this market a simple bet, but for more experienced traders it is not the case.

Behind the trading, there is a study and knowledge about market behaviour, also with several techniques and strategies that are applied by the most experienced traders.

Free Binary Options Course

Binary Options Training

No one can get Good results without Learning!


Basically, they have more resources that help them to have positive results and with less risk in their trades. If you’re not experienced yet, don’t worry, because IQ Option provides several learning materials for traders to evolve for free on IQ Option website.

So, it’s possible to make a free training, to receive important news in real time about IQ Option trading, get customized indicators and much more. Study as much as possible and start receiving your profits regularly in your account.

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