Alien Worlds is a free blockchain-based strategy game where you mine the Trilium token (TLM) for free. This token can then be converted into other digital currencies or simply sold.

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Alien Worlds: The Complete Guide

Who has never dreamed of making money playing video games? Until the recent past, this reality was only possible for a tiny group of professional players of CS:GO, Fortnite, LoL, Dota 2, etc.

But with the massification of what Blockchain enables, dApps, the decentralized Apps that enable digital wallets, exchanges, video games, among others, have started to emerge.

One of them is Alien Worlds, a game that is still in its early stages, but that already generates enormous enthusiasm. As you know, often in investments those who start at the early stage are more likely to succeed, so this is the time! Get your cup of coffee ready and let’s start our complete guide. 

What is Alien Worlds?

It is a free-to-play video game in your browser that simulates a token-based economy called Trilium (TLM). With details of strategy, economy and exploration it is a 2D collectible card game (NFTs) in the genre of Magic: The Gathering. Each card is a unique item with a specific power. With these card NFTs you will mine and manage this valuable token, for Trilium is the currency both in-game and out. With the NFts you will participate in bloody battles, adventures or take part in the governance of the planets, maintaining your influence and power.

Alien Worlds runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and WAX blockchains. The Trilium token also exists on these three.

A blockchain is an information maintenance and verification technology that uses cryptography to make the network virtually impossible to alter or hack. In other words, it is a type of decentralized ledger (Distributed Ledger Technology). All computers on the network are participants and have a transparent copy of all transaction history that is immutable, time-stamped, unanimous, secure, and anonymous. Contrary to what many may think, there is not a single blockchain, but dozens or thousands.

Background game story

Set in 2055, Earth is infested with pandemics. The Federation is the most advanced Bitcoin community on the planet, and they have received secret information from alien beings, to find a way to use a Wormhole to escape Earth.

In Alien Worlds, you are an explorer on a mission to travel to unknown worlds and mine the precious Trilium.

The pioneers who travel to these planets create a sustainable and fair economy where everything is tokenized. On these planets, any explorer can make a fortune, from mining the valuable Trilium, to becoming a landowner, or participating in adventures and battles against other players.

How to start playing Alien Worlds?

Any adventurer wishing to get started only has to open an account in the WAX wallet. If you already have an account, you can use your existing login. Then go to the game page, log in with your WAX wallet details and start playing. It is through this WAX wallet that you log in, do your mining, your trades, buy and sell NFTs, exchange your TLM for other tokens, in short, everything. So, keep your WAX wallet data safe.

Set your username, and choose your male or female avatar. You will choose the planet and the place to mine.

Cautions to take when choosing the planet and place to mine:

1 – pay attention to the mining pot value. The higher this value, the higher your potential TLM mining result will be.

mining pot
mining pot

2 – after choosing the planet, you can choose the lot where you want to mine. Every lot has some owner who charges you a percentage. This percentage ranges from 20% to 0%, the lower the percentage, the lower the commission the owner charges you to mine. Be aware that there are not many owners that charge 0%.

owner profit share
owner profit share

But there are also other details that influence the choice of the lot, not only the percentage that the owner charges. Each lot has characteristics that are visible in the card.

The image below explains in detail what each value affects in your mining.

lot card details
land card details of Alien Worlds

Later on, you can change planets, so for now this choice is neither important nor final.

You will get a shovel as unique tool that is provided for free by the game that you will use to mine the TLM. You click on the “mine” button and the mining process begins. There is a countdown that you will have to wait for it to finish. When it’s over, you can now collect your Trilium. Congratulations, you have just earned your first Trilium!

How to make money with Alien Worlds?

Now that you have mined for the first time, it is time to repeat. With the tools offered by the game, your reward will be low, around 0.05 Trillion each mining. The TLM result obtained will always vary depending on the planet and lot chosen, depending on the number of players mining at that time, the tools, etc. And you will never have the same result every time, the amount mined will always fluctuate. But have no doubt, you are mining something that has a value in the market, spending and investing zero!

mining process in Alien Worlds
mining process in Alien Worlds

Of course, after a short time you will understand that mining with the only tool provided allows you to play and earn for free, but it is very time consuming and with more powerful tools you can mine more TLM.

As you have noticed there are 2 other slots in which you can equip two other tools, but they do not exist in your inventory because the game only gives you one free shovel.

You can hope that luck is on your side and that Alien Worlds is nice and gifts you with more tools, or you can just buy them. That’s where the market comes in, one very important point of this economy, which we’ll cover in the next section.

In addition to that Trilium value, you will have the chance to get NFTs each time you mine in Alien Worlds. This is another way to make a profit, since there is a clear tendency for NFTs, especially the rarer ones, to appreciate in value over time.

Everything within the game is an NFT, all the available cards of tools, weapons, minions, lands, etc. They are all numbered, and many of them with low issue numbers, such as 256 units, 64 units, or even less. That is, certain cards will only have a very small number of units issued. For example, a card with 64 units means that only 64 such cards will be created. This is intended to increase their value, and currently some cards are already over $1 million on the market. Yes, you read that right. And I remind you that we are still in the very early stages of the game!

NFT are non-fungible tokens, and are unique digital items. They have been around for some years, but in the last few months they have started to become very successful. Each token has its own digital hash – the unique cryptographic sentence -, which makes it distinguishable from all others.

It may sound like a kid’s play, but in fact you are accruing “money”, being that Trilium has real value! I can’t tell you how much, because as with everything, it will be the market that tells you how much each Trilium is worth over time. But being a free registration, it is 100% profit! At the time of writing this guide the value of each TLM was ~$0.50 (US dollar) Now think, if this is just starting out, how much do you think it could be worth 6 months from now? Do your potential math…

There is also a passive way to have an income within Alien Worlds. All you need to do is own one or more lands. You can buy (at exorbitant prices, let me say you right away) one or more plots on the NFT market, or you can keep an eye on future planet launches to be one of the first to have your land. In either case you will be benefiting from a steady income each time someone mines on your plot.


The AtomicHub marketplace is another access that you use with your already created WAX wallet login. In there you will have a wide range of NFTs that you can buy to speed up your Trilium mining or increase your chance of getting the much-desired rare cards that can turn out to be worth a lot of money. You buy and sell directly to other users who want to buy or sell and all trades are direct and secure, with a transaction number recorded on the blockchain. Purchases or sales are reflected in Alien Worlds immediately, requiring only a refresh of the page.

I remind you that everything inside the game is an NFT and everything is tokenized.

As you may already know, a good investment can generate more profit and that’s where the tools and investment mentality come into play. You invest to have a higher trilium return, to invest once more in better tools, and so on. That cycle also plays a part in Alien Worlds.

atomichub Market
atomichub Market

If you don’t want or can’t make investments and want to keep the game totally free you can do so. And there is even a way to improve your mining arsenal, using the Trilium you (slowly) earn, exchanging them for WAX and then using that WAX value to equip whatever you want in the market as I mentioned in the previous point.

To exchange your Trilium for WAX, you will have to go to the Alcor Exchange and exchange the desired amount of TLM for WAX.

More about Trilium, the cross-platform token:

The entire Alien Worlds ecosystem is powered by Trilium (TLM). In addition to mining, which is the act of obtaining this precious token, you can:

Stake: Staking is a very common term and means using your TLM to have a stake in one of the planets and obtain rewards, in order to increase the payout value of that planet.

Participate in the Governance of the Planets: use your TLM to vote or even run for positions in the Councils of each planet.

Teleport: use the bridge created to transfer your tokens across the various Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and WAX blockchains. About this, read more below.

Trade: on the Alcor platform, you can trade TLM for WAX, or on Binance for several more, namely TLM/BTC.

Note that some of these activities may not yet be available at the time you read this guide.

There will be only 5 billion TLM, with another 5 billion reserved for progressive releases over the years.

Since there will only be 10 billion TLM, it is inevitable that you will see mining as a competition, because whatever you can get, your neighbor cannot get. Being a finite token issue, this naturally tends to increase its value immensely.

Power, Luck and Charge Time Math

There is a formula to calculate the potential TLM mined, the probability of finding an NFT card, based on the tools in your mining hub (your mining kit) and the location.

It may scare you at first, but analyze it carefully and you’ll see that it’s not that complicated.

The image below illustrates and explains what each factor influences, and you should be guided by the official technical blueprint itself, which is the technical design of Alien Worlds.

Credits: uplandcomics

This is an invaluable help for you to be able to put together a mining kit that is suitable for what you want. Because your strategy may focus on a kit to mine more TLM or more NFTs, but you can hardly engage both objectives simultaneously without spending large amounts of money.

One of the goals, whether it is mining TLM or collecting NFTs, will always take a back seat.

If your mining kit will mine more, your chance of finding NFTs will be lower, and vice versa. You need to create a game strategy that favors one or the other, the choice is yours.

Of course, you can also put together a mining kit with a more “balanced” strategy, with items that have not only mining power, but some NFT luck.

NFTs, my precious NFTs!

You already understand that NFTs are what stirs with everything inside Alien Worlds, right? Let’s delve deeper into their properties.

Every item in Alien Worlds has a rarity level. From the least rare, to the rarest the list is:

– Abundant

– Common

– Rare

– Epic

– Legendary

– Mythical

In addition to rarity, the level of shininess matters. The list, from the lowest shine, to the highest shine, is as follows:

– Stone

– Gold

– Stardust

– Antimatter

It is important to explain that all cards start at Stone level. You will not ‘find’ NFTs higher than Stone in your mining process. Cards with a higher shining level have been upgraded by their owner in a process called ‘shining’, which is an upgrade that involves ‘burning’ three other cards that are the same and spending TLM in the process.

In Alien Worlds, the order of shining is always Stone → Gold → Stardust → Antimatter and you cannot skip levels.

The chart below explains the possible ranking system and how many TLM you need.

Alien Worlds shining process
Alien Worlds shining process

Example: You have an NFT Rare Stone. To turn this Stone into Gold you need another 3 cards exactly alike (4 in total) and 1000 TLM to shine this card. This process consumes the 1000 TLM and 3 rare stone cards, turning the 4th card into Gold. In addition to improving the card, giving it a greater power, the trade value of a card with greater shine increases considerably. Just take a look at the market and take a look for yourself.

Imagine you have a valuable NFT and you sell it on the market for a good few hundred WAX, how can you now turn those WAX into “real money”?

All you have to do is sell the WAX back for TLM at the Alcor Exchange and from there, after the purchase is complete, the TLMs you want to buy appear in your Alien Worlds (you need to refresh the page).

Then all you need to do is to withdraw that Trilium to Binance through the Teleport that I explain in the point below.

Withdraw Trilium to Binance

It is possible to transfer your TLM to your Binance wallet. Binance, is one of the best wallets out there, with a solid reputation and an excellent platform that allows you to manage, store and invest in cryptocurrency in a simple and secure way. If you don’t have an account yet, open an account by clicking here.

The process is done through Teleport, a “portal” created by Alien Worlds itself that connects your WAX Wallet to MetaMask and then allows you to transfer to Binance.

To do this you need to have accounts created and have at least 100 TLM available to transfer.

Starting the process, you send the desired amount, remembering that the minimum is 100 TLM and receive a notification that your transfer is ready. Then, within MetaMask, you indicate the TLM token, send it to your Binance wallet and in a few minutes, you receive it.

If you have never heard of MetaMask or don’t understand anything I just said, have no fear. The process is simple and quick, but you should follow this tutorial so that everything runs smoothly and flawlessly.


For some reason, if you can’t finish this transfer process, don’t worry that in 30 days, your TLM will be back in your game.

Where is Alien Worlds headed?

This is the million-dollar-question, right? Nobody wants to start an adventure like this, knowing that next month the video game is dead. Well, I can say that Alien Worlds has seen its player base increase week after week.

There are plans in the pipeline for the game to become more dynamic, more complex, with external connections, in other words, much bigger. And the foundations for creating something so colossal, that even the developers themselves may not have realized the potential when they created the game, are already in place.

Some of the features are already set up and visible within the game, others should take a little longer to see the light of day. The possible new features we report here are not finalized and may change at any time, so read with “a pinch of salt”.


This is one of the next (and most anticipated!) releases, as the Thunderdome button already exists within the game.

In this section, battles will take place between players with their weapons and minions, with the goal of obtaining more rewards. There is a wide range of ways in which they will be used. The first, already officially confirmed, is in the Battle Royale format, where a single player comes out the winner at the end and gets the biggest share of rewards. Accessing one of these matches costs all players Trilium.

After the battle is over, minions lose life and weapons are destroyed. A hospital will also be set up, to heal minions and recover weapons.

More planets:

Being a virtual universe, it is not hard to understand that Alien Worlds will be constantly expanding. There are plans for more planets to appear, the next one being Binance Planet (yes, Binance’s own planet).

This Binance planet will have no owners, unlike the current ones. TLM holders in the Binance Smart Chain will be able to send ships on missions with set durations to receive NFTs and TLM rewards.


Voting rights through staking:

In the future, staking will give the Explorer the power of voting, based on how much Trilium he applies. It is already possible to stake in-game, but with no visible practical results, at least at the time of writing this guide. The first opportunity will be to elect representative depositaries to govern the planet. A whole dynamic of alliances is already being formed in the background, so that there will be a strong planetary management influence.

These votes will take place once a week, so as not to allow governors who do not satisfy the common interest to remain.

Exit the Alien Worlds sphere through Mods:

The existence of mods in video games is almost as old as the games themselves. There are many success stories such as Counter-Strike (Half-Live mod) or FiveM (GTA 5 mod).

With this in mind it is not technically very complicated for programmers and developers to create a mod of another existing game and link it to the world of Alien Worlds. Example? Minecraft! There are even already plugins that allow you to access your items that are in the blockchain wallet from within Minecraft, such as EnjinCraft.

The possibilities are endless!

Alien Worlds: Its Problems and Bugs

Naturally any game, especially at the beginning, has its bugs and minor glitches and Alien Worlds is no different.

I will start by pointing out that you will often have a pop-up that will open, either to collect your TLM, do something inside your WAX wallet, buy or sell NFt’s, etc. Any pop-up blocker on your system will get in the way of this, so make sure you allow pop-ups on pages regarding the game and WAX wallet.

mining and pop up window

It can also happen that the game crashes out of nowhere, often when you are collecting your TLM. Usually a refresh of the page will work, you will have to log in again and press collect again that it will work and you will not lose your TLM.

If you have a pop-up open in another tab to connect your WAX wallet (example, in the AtomicHub marketplace) and you leave it open without ever connecting, when it comes time to collect TLM inside Alien Worlds, it may crash.

Lack of resources (cpu, net, ram)

If you get errors related to lack of CPU, Net or Ram while playing do not be surprised, it can happen and it is not related to your Cpu (processor), nor RAM memories, nor your net.

These are resources you will need to have in your WAX wallet to continue playing, as they are resources associated with the WAX network itself. You can correct this little problem by going into your WAX Wallet, going to “resources” as indicated in the image, and stake some value. You don’t need much, even 0.10 of WAX will be enough.


Error “Failed to fetch” after trying to login. This problem is associated with the connection between the game and the WAX wallet itself. You will simply have to wait a while and try again later. If you are in the process of mining, the TLMs you have earned do not disappear and you can mine them the next time you log in.

Error: “Nothing to be mined” after trying to collect your TLM. You will simply have to wait a while and try again later. If you are in the process of mining, the TLMs you have earned will not disappear and you can mine them the next time you log in.

Error: “You must set up your bag before mining”. Wait a few minutes, clear your browser cache, log out, and log back in.

Error: “cannot change land while bag is locked” after trying to change planets. Clear your browser cache, log out and log in again.

If you encounter any other errors that you cannot resolve, please leave a comment below and we will try to help as much as possible.

Conclusion Alien Worlds:

Making an income or even making a living playing video games is very complicated. If there are no sponsorships, donations, daily streams to your audience, or participating in a professional team, then it becomes an impossible task. But since Alien Worlds appeared and revolutionized with its digital parallel economy, new and promising developments have appeared.

The video game is still in its first steps and there are many new features and improvements coming out in the future, so grab your shovel, follow our tips and get started today.

At worst, you’ll be getting some freebies. If you dream big and work at it, with the proper strategy that the video game requires, who knows you might not be making a very nice profit for the future? Happy mining!

If you like our complete guide to Alien Worlds, you can offer me a cup of coffee in WAX by sending it to my wallet: dr2ra.wam

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about Alien Worlds

To mine TLM in Alien Worlds, do I need a powerful computer like traditional mining?

No, this mining process does not use the traditional mining process and does not require any special computer or hardware and you will not be penalized for having a weaker computer. Many users can even mine on their cell phone.

I am looking for official Alien Worlds support, where can I go?

The Alien Worlds community is dynamic and present on several channels:

I want to apply for a position as Governor of a planet, how can I do that?

First you will have to gather 5000 TLM and then you can apply. If you have enough votes, you can be one of the future Governors. Find out all about it here:

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