5 Reasons not to join

5 reasons not to join

5 Reasons not to join

The offer of apps connected to investment and finance has exploded in recent years. The possibility to earn money in an easy and quick fashion leads many to try. But in reality what is the real outcome? In this article, you will learn the 5 reasons not to join IQ Option.

IQ Option, like many other applications, is free and can be used directly on the smartphone by downloading the app and opening a free account. It takes 1 minute to register.

Besides the ease of registering and accessing, there is also a lot of advertising from companies and their affiliated websites and traders that promote these applications in order to earn commissions.

This situation leads to the daily appearance on social networks or on websites of several news of people who make a lot of money with these applications.

It is natural that the curiosity and desire to earn money in this way and to have the life that these people seem to have leads many to try their luck with applications like the IQ Option.

5 reasons not to join
5 reasons not to join

What are the 5 reasons not to join IQ Option?

The reader, when reading the various reasons to use this app, might be tempted, even because the company offers an attractive and intuitive platform.

It’s normal, but before you proceed to register and then deposit, read the article carefully until the end.

Then, if you verify that you have all the conditions to register in IQ Option, even if it is only to test the free training account, you can use the button to go to the official website of the broker and register.

Basically, this article is not to stop you from using their services, even because we use it and know many people who use it successfully.

The 5 reasons not to join, is for you to know yourself and think if at this stage of your life, you have all the conditions to enjoy the application and be able to earn money with it.

Is it true that you make money with applications like IQ Option?

Yes, it’s true that many people make money. But not the way they advertise.

Rich people don’t say how much they make!

If you think about it, other than the stars of sports or TV and Cinema, who because they always have the media around them, all the other people who make a lot of money don’t say how much they make. They prefer anonymity, even for security reasons.
Why would people who really make a lot of money with applications like IQ Option say how much and how much they make?

Anyone can make a lot of money in any activity, but they have to be very good.

There’s no such thing as easy money.

Everything requires knowledge, work and dedication.

If it was that easy to make money with these applications, nobody would want to have a job.

Wouldn’t it be much better to be on the beach with your phone making (a lot) of money than to be locked in an office 8 hours to earn a miserable salary?

Of course it would! So, if these easy money offers were true everyone would be negotiating at IQ Option.

Security In IQ Option capa
Trade in IQ Option with profits up to 100%

Now that you understand the difference between advertising and reality, understand the reasons for not entering IQ Option.

Please note that we are not saying that the app or the company are bad. Not at all!

In this area of activity, they are probably the best. We use the example of the IQ Option, because it’s the largest in the market, the one with the most customers, and the one that is most sought after in Google.

You can learn here how does the IQ Option works.

The image below shows the worldwide volume of monthly searches for the IQ Option keyword. If you notice, according to SemRush which is a site optimization and SEO tool, the total searches by IQ Option worldwide is 1.3 million, more than half of these searches are concentrated in Brazil (673 thousand). The following countries, in order, are Colombia, Mexico, India and Thailand.

iq option searches
iq option searches in semrush

As you can see in the image, the search for IQ Option is huge, much more than other applications of its kind, or even other better known markets.

You just have to know the risks and understand if your current situation is favorable to enter IQ Option or other similar application.

5 Reasons for not entering the IQ Option:

Read carefully the list below with the 5 reasons not to enter and then decide to register in the IQ Option application is something that makes sense to you at this time. In the event you are included in any of this 5 reasons not to join, our advise is to think well before at least deposit money.
You can always use the demo account, and have with it, but depositing is another thing.

1 – Are you unemployed?

If you are unemployed, it means that you don’t have a monthly salary that ensures the payment of your bills at the end of the month.

Any type of investment does not guarantee fixed returns at the end of the month.

In your case the important thing is to ensure a type of income that is safe and fixed that allows you to live and pay your bills.

Unless you have other type of income, my advice is not to use this type of applications at this stage.

2 – Do you have debts?

Many seek to earn money quickly to pay debts, especially those they make on credit cards because they pay high fees.

For this reason, it is normal to look for solutions where they can earn money in order to quickly pay the amounts that are on the credit card.

In investment aps we cannot negotiate as if we have ‘a knife in the neck’.

If you have the pressure of having to guarantee a certain amount to pay your debt, this obligation will work against you.

Because the pressure to make a certain profit will prevent you from being calm and at peace. For this reason, you will accumulate errors that lead you to obtain losses instead of profits.

If this happens it will be a snowball, leading to increased debts instead of being able to pay them.

Image credit: Hand photo created by karlyukav – www.freepik.com

3 – Do you have Investment Experience?

In any profession, a certain level of experience is necessary to obtain results. In this world it’s the same, and only the best ones make money.

In the world of investments, it is no different.

If you’ve never explored deeply applications such like IQ Option, you’ve never traded on Stock Exchange, or any other financial derivatives, then you have to learn first.

Take a course, train a lot, and only when you have a good experience and knowledge, then do it with your money.

And even so, be aware that most investors lose their first deposits.

This is because dealing with fake money (the IQ Option application offers a $10,000 in a demo account for you to train without having to deposit) is not the same as dealing with real money.

And the result is that even if you train a lot with that fake funds, you will understand that trading with YOUR money is different.

4 – Do you have the emotional discipline?

As I said above, to tinker with real money is complicated, very much so.

More complicated is when you don’t have much to lose.

Even more it becomes if you don’t have experience.

On publicity we see about investment applications, everybody teaches strategies, ways of trading that helps to win money.

But the truth is that although these strategies and other tools help, the main reason for success is the person.

And the emotional part plays a very important role.

The fear of losing, the euphoria of winning, the greed of continuing to increase their earnings, etc. All these emotions that change after a simple day, have direct and clear interference on your actions.

And these actions turn out to be mistakes when you don’t manage your emotions well, in the same way they become right when you manage to have a control over your emotions.

5 – Do you have enough capital to be able to lose money?

One of the rules that investors always have in their mind is that they can lose money.

For this reason, it is common to hear that you can’t invest money that you can’t lose.

What does it mean in reality?

If you have saved money that you don’t need, you can invest and lose. It doesn’t mean that you want to lose the money. Only that if you lose it, you will be able to continue living.
But if the money you are going to invest is the money you need to eat, to pay your bills, then it is different, you can’t really lose.

Click below to see a short video of the IQ Option platform

Although it may seem a small difference, it is very important.

Simply because you negotiate with the conscience that you can afford to lose, and that even if you don’t want to if and the loss happens, you will continue to be able to live and pay your bills is totally different from when you use money that would be to put food on the table, pay your mortgage or your car.

The pressure is totally different in these two situations.

And this burden often makes the difference between profits and losses.

5 Reasons not to join: Conclusion

This article about the 5 reasons not to join IQ Option is not for you to give up or be afraid to try to make money with investment applications.

It’s just so you understand that maybe this is not the right time.

Or that simply its features are not the ideals for you.

It’s true that many make money investing either in IQ Option or other brokers, but it’s also true that many lose.

The difference between both realities is not a problem with the application, but with its user.

If you want to try it, go ahead and Sign In on IQ Option, but pay attention to the risks, the tips explained above and the need to really learn first.

The ideal is to know the company and the platform well, as well as all its rules and functioning.

There are a lot of Online Training available. For example: Binary Options Online Training.

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