Is IQ Option reliable?

Is IQ Option reliable

Is IQ Option reliable?

Among so many doubts of beginners, this is perhaps the greatest of them all! What is perfectly natural, after all, you are investing and trading your money in this company. If the question is IQ Option reliable does not pop up in your head, it’s because you are being senseless! Come in and find out the answer in this article.

People say a lot of negative things about IQ Option, but many times without any true knowledge, out of pure prejudice, and we would like to clarify that no, IQ Option is not a fraudulent platform. Although the company has a lot of criticism, and some people say that they are not an honest company.

Is IQ Option reliable
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Is IQ Option reliable? Why is it criticized?

If you think about it, all companies have criticisms from their clients, some complain with reason, others don’t.

In this case, there will always be both sides, and some people may be right.

However, analyzing the complaints, we understand that many are unfounded and that they are due to non-compliance with the rules of the company.

Many of their users don’t even know how IQ Option works, and they do not take the time to read the rules of the Broker, so, at the end, many times they don’t follow the company rules.

Here are some of the reasons that lead people to question whether IQ Option is reliable:

  • Demo Account vs Real Account

Some people criticize that they win easily on the training account and then on the real account they lose.

There are two explanations for this. The first is that the training account is a simulation, it simulates the real prices of the market, so the platform has to go to read the prices in the market to show later, and this has a delay, which even being small, ends up delaying a little, sometimes making it simpler to win.

The other explanation is that the difference between someone dealing with fictitious money or real money… is huge! Therefore, there is a gigantic gap for our emotions between playing make-believe and betting real money. And that makes all the difference.

About emotions, you can read more about this in this post: Controling Emotions.

  • Withdrawal Problems

For legal reasons (one of the reasons IQ Option is trusted is due it’s regulation) the broker is required to follow certain rules when you want to make withdrawals.

One of these rules is to verify the account. If the person does not have their documentation as proof of address and personal document up to date, they cannot withdraw.

Many people register without knowing this, and then at the moment of withdrawal they do not know or do not complete the verification correctly, so they cannot withdraw their profits.

  • Problems with deposits

In order to deposit you have to follow certain rules, such as using credit cards that are yours. You cannot use someone else’s card. At the moment of wanting to withdraw the money, he would have to go to the same card, and if the card is not in the name of the account holder, then the brokerage company cannot allow the withdrawal.

  • Not being of legal age

In order to trade, the user must be of legal age (this age may vary from country to country). If it is not, at the time of checking the account and proceeding with the withdrawal you will have problems

  • Other problems

There are other problems that usually happen because the person simply does not know the rules of operation of the IQ Option.

The advice is to read everything and know how the company works, before depositing.

In fact, if we check many of the online complaints, and many of the comments from users who complain that IQ Option is unreliable, it’s actually for not complying with the company’s rules.

IQ Option is an honest and solid company, and one of the best known in the binary options market, so you don’t have to worry when you run your operations through this broker. In fact, IQ Option is probably the best option these days, both for beginners and more experienced traders, for offering a stable and reliable platform at the time of trading.

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Is IQ Option reliable

IQ Option is a fully regulated platform, let’s see some more reasons to have confidence in this platform:

For anyone who really wants to know if a platform is truly reliable, one should check if the company in question is registered with the competent bodies of the market in which it operates. Preferably regulatory bodies of that market.

In the case of IQ Option, we are talking about a 100% regulated and licensed broker as established by the market. Don’t forget to check our website for more information about IQ Broker.

Back to the regulatory part, we have CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission in Europe).

This institution gives full credibility to IQ Option in the investment sector.

The main function of these bodies is precisely to supervise and control the financial services companies, protecting consumers from potential fraud and dubious operations.

IQ Option operates legally and this is not a simple thing because the company had to meet several requirements, some that may vary from country to country, to finally get this licensing.

If you are still a beginner and want to know how to enter IQ Option, please read our IQ Login and Download article.

Is IQ Option reliable as an Awarded Company

IQ Option is also reliable due to the great number of awards it has received throughout its years of activity in the investment market, several qualified and important awards in the sector, taking the company to an irrevocable level of recognition in the investment sector.

That is, with several awards received worldwide and a legalized operation in many countries IQ Option brokerage is definitely a great option to perform its operations and investments.

As we saw above, IQ Option’s operation is legal throughout the world, demonstrating compliance and concern with its users. For those who thought the company was a fraudulent entity, for sure they can change their minds and rest assure.

We used IQ Option platform to perform our strategies videos
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Partnerships involved

For those who still have some doubts about IQ Option, another point that can be verified as an indicator of reliability, IQ Option has already been a sponsor of major brands, large companies in events around the world, one of these brands is Red Bull Racing, well known to the general public, we also have Aston Martin Racing, among others. This makes clear the size of IQ Option’s reliability.

Evaluating the Company’s Support

The company is serious when it is concerned about delivering results and a good experience to its customers, IQ Option provides 24 hours support to its customers. That includes having a local phoneline for several countries, with attendants speaking the native language to assist users.

That’s right if this line exists in your country, all you have to do is call them and a team of professionals will be available to help you. Other means of support such as online chat is also available if the user prefers.

Another measure adopted with the user’s tranquility in mind is the option of automatic translation of their website into your preferred language, all to facilitate navigation and use of the platform without difficulty.

Considering all the points above, one can say that IQ Option is an honest and legalized company for you to carry out your operations without major concerns.

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